G142: Hellhounds and Gremlins

Date: 25 Sept 2012
PCs: Charlie, Cut and Pigshit (at start); Roland, Barnaby; Ja'Tubis, Lummock and Pilon (at end)
Hirelings: Brandore, Roderick

  • An exchange of gifts with the orcs
  • Attempting the artifact room, and waylaid by 1/2 dozen hellhounds. Halflings are at death's door.
  • Party picks up two psychopaths off the street, and returns to the dungeon.
  • A confrontation with gremlins
  • A spellbook and a nice dagger in an otherwise empty room
  • A combat with a huge pack of headless zombies
  • Flushing treasure down the privy
  • Facing off against the Ambreville's deathless accountant
  • More zombies on the way out?

Casualties and Treasure

  • bowls of coins, a bracelet, and a spellbook
  • a bag of gold coins, a fine dagger, loose silver coins, and a spellbook in a silver casket
  • a flask of liquid that is cold to the touch
  • 6 hell hound hearts

All the valuables save the spellbooks were sold, yielding 1,425gp (237gp per PC)
Those fighting the hell hounds received 50xp from that encounter; the rest of the creatures were worth 108xp per player.

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