G141: The Walking Chair and the Water Weird

Date: September 18, 2012
PCs: Barnaby Flanders, Pigshit Pat, Pritchard Hood, Richard Loubeau, William of Silence


  • Before the adventure, Pritchard agrees to marry Blanchfleur de Marais
  • The Company descends beneath the Gallows Tower to further explore the second level
  • In a small chamber near the "scepter room," they find an animated iron chair which Pritchard successfully woos
  • The party investigates what appears to be a ruined portrait gallery lit by dim magical chandeliers
  • An ochre jelly falls from the ceiling of a side chamber, nearly dissolving Richard Loubeau
  • As William of Silence and Barnaby Flanders take turns chopping down a waterlogged door, the party is attacked by a pair of giant spiders
  • William shrugs off two envenomed spider bites as he slays the arachnid menace
  • The party confronts a water weird in a fountain; Richard, Pigshit and Barnaby are each partially drowned, and Pigshit's maps are ruined
  • Pritchard blasts the lip of the fountain with a lightning bolt, and the water in it (including the water weird) is sucked down the room's drains
  • Further exploration leads to a room containing the remains of a giant lizard and two soldiers; these animate as zombies
  • Half a dozen more zombies enter the fray from an adjacent room
  • The party makes short work of the zombies and liberates various treasures
  • Pigshit Pat leads the Company out of the dungeon entirely from memory

Losses and Loot

The party defeated or subdued a living iron chair, an ochre jelly, 14 headless night goblin zombies, 2 giant crab spiders, 1 water weird, 1 zombie giant lizard and 8 zombies of the ordinary human sort. Treasures obtained include 80cp, 1387sp, 23gp, 15 gems, a silver disk inscribed with occult symbols, a silver belt buckle set with ornamental stones, and a brass key marked with the numeral '1'.

For foes defeated and for treasure acquired and spent, each PC gained 1296gp and 275xp.

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