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There were three wands retrieved from Phoebe's chambers: One detects metal, and one detects hidden doors. Richard holds the third, and he will take it to Tertullian for identification. He will spend (some more money, probably 1000 - id cost) on inks, parchments, and incense to illuminate a paean to Trianoma, recognizing the two times he has fallen and risen closer to her service and asking that, if he falls again in this conflict, she might make use of him as a messenger until the rule of Law returns again to Glantri.


Martín will tacitly reach out to his few contacts among the wizards and noble houses of Glantri. He and his knights might offer valuable services to those lords with interests near the front. Le Black and his men are clever in the darkness, swift of hoof, and fearsome with their bows and blades. While they may not be suited for the front lines, there is more to war than soldiers and palisades.

Martin will offer his services to his closest contacts among the nobility: Micheline, Alzenia and Lord Marchosias.


Snickwick has been spending an awful lot of time in those hills around the dragon's cave…

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