G140: The Rings of Aliénor

Date: September 13, 2012
PCs: Audrey Carcassone, Charlie Darrowkin, Ja'Tubis, Martin le Black, Roland Zanzibar


  • Going down to the reliquary room and taking the rings, causing three leopards to attack
  • In the midst of the leopard battle, night goblins pour into the room, commanded from the rear by the phantasm of Henri d'Ambreville mounted atop a giant hyena
  • The hyena's laugh causes half the party to collapse in hysterics
  • Audrey casts sticks to snakes, and her poisonous snakes finish off the goblins and the hyena
  • Fighting alone, Henri nearly kills multiple PCs, but is put down without party losses
  • "Thank you… I am glad that this time I died in battle"
  • The Company leaves the dungeon to rest
  • Returning to the reliquary room, the party is surprised by three trolls who are happily munching on dead goblins, and a bad reaction roll results in immediate violence
  • Drawn by the clash of blades, ghouls enter as the trolls are being finished off, but the power of Audrey and Ja'Tubis annihilates them before they can close to melee
  • Feeling themselves no longer prepared to handle the reliquary room, the party explores the eastern part of the level
  • A giant beetle with enormous mandibles chews on Roland's shins
  • An ambush by gargoyles as the party leaves the dungeon

Losses and Loot

The party defeated 15 night goblins, one giant magic hyena, three phantasmal leopards, the phantasm of Henri d'Ambreville, three trolls, two ghouls, one slicer beetle and two gargoyles. Treasures obtained include the three rings of Aliénor, a magically preserved rose, a portrait of Aliénor with her leopards, a gold ring set with three tiny sapphires, and a short sword +1.

For foes defeated and for treasure acquired and spent, each PC gained 600gp and 1135xp.

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