Attempting to circumvent more strife among the Company, Roland will seek to have the two rings of indeterminate nature (the Emerald and Ruby) from the Ambreville reliquary, more thoroughly identified. He will call upon an old contact of his Micheline, to try to identify them.

Additionally, for satisfactory service rendered, and acceptable attempts at bravery, he will bequeath 100gp to Brandor Le Grand, his new sorcerous retainer, instructing him to stay available — much more adventure is to be had!

Brandore accepts this basic fee with good grace. Morale will be rolled at the table tomorrow to determine whether he is willing to continue serving under Roland.

In the week that the A-team is out of commission fooling with these rings, can we determine two things?

1) If the ruby ring is actually a ring of Spell Storing. Let's have a magic user and a cleric both cast Light on it, and have Pritchard try to cast a Fireball into it, then attempt to cast those spells from the ring. If it won't store spells without a ring-bearer, Roland is willing to wear the ring while those spells are cast. I figure Roland would be a Lucky enough Son of a Bitch to make the save, and half damage on a fireball won't kill him. Let's start with a Light first, to see if it is simply some sort of Absorption enchanment.

2) If it is a ring of Spell Storing, can the spells be cast out of the ring by a non-magic user, or is this a magic user only item?


Martin and Pigtail will set an appointment with Genvieve Sanglandoirre, a seamstress of some renown among the doxies as and trollops of the Low Waterside for her striking and memorable creations. Setting Pigtail (fully armored) in front of the mirrors, he will have the Goblin measured for a fine gown of his own, garish and shocking enough to rival even the most noticeable of Glantri's street walkers.

Selecting silks of bright, irridescent purples, and shocking, yellow gossamer, he will have a fine party gown made to fit over pigtails armor, cut just below the knee to conceal any abnormalities that might be visible in the middle area. With paint, thread and embroidery, Martin will have the logo of "Hazart's House Of Sagery" writ boldly on front and back. Around the skirts and frills, small promotional messages will be inscribed "LOW LOW PRICES", "NO CREDIT? NO PROBLEM!", "THE FINEST SELECTION IN RIVERSIDE!", "NO QUESTIONS ASKED!"

Martin will spend 100gp on the creation of a custom gown to promote Hazart's House of Sagery.

Done. The "silk" is garish indeed, and Pigtail seems pleased to be the center of attention.

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