G139 Postsession

Postsession page for G139: The Lich, The Ghost and the Jewels

After a lucrative sale of the family jewels and furnishings bequeathed to them by the shade of Sandrine de Sylaire, the party demonstrates an ongoing lack of financial responsibility.


The long months of good food, hard work and spiritual discipline have paid dividends among the Goblings. The sores on their faces and hands have healed to reveal fine green complexions. Their teeth have been expertly cleaned and filed to handsome points. Their hair is coiffed in the latest styles, and their attire is well kept and in order (well, except for Pigtail who insists on wearing a party gowns over his armor).

Their unique goblinoid physiology has delivered the rapid maturation common among their kind, and the four surviving orphans have grown into strapping young Goblin Squires, poised on the edge of adulthood. Their combat training with Millipede has developed their skill with sword, spear and bow. In manner and diction, they are most Bossly, representing His edicts in their actions as in their words (Praise the Boss!). The months of training with Mademoiselle Pépin has proven them as accomplished goat riders.

With a trademark twirl of his moustache, Martin nods sagely. The time has come.

Martín will make enquiries with local traders of exotic livestock. He seeks to sponsor a shipment of 5 Battle Goats to be brought up from Corunglain after the spring thaw. If necessary, the Silver Raven may be used to conduct correspondence. Martín is hoping that 2000gp will be sufficient to cover the cost and transport of the beasts.

Martin is in luck! Mademoiselle Pépin knows a man who is in the process of selling off four battle-goats that were retrieved last autumn after a battle. (Apparently they belonged to some halfling irregulars riding under the Darokinese banner.) Pépin believes that 2000gp will be sufficient to overbid the current buyer if she moves quickly. Is Martin interested?

With the decisive decision making required of a great commander, Martin will boldly spend the 2000 and procure the goats! Were saddles and tack retrieved with the goats? Martin is currently paying a monthly blanket cost for stabling of the two horses and five riding goats in his menagerie, he'll have the larger stock moved over at the sellers earliest convenience!

Martin provides Pépin with the requisite funds. The next day, she directs him to a stable where he takes possession of the four battle-goats complete with saddles and tack.

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