G138: Henri Le Phantasm

Date: 29 August 2012
DM: Quendalon
PCs: Audrey, Robert, Pritchard, Ja'Tubis, Roland


The Company of Crossed Swords has a long history of helping each other out. So, when the cursed wizard Robert Hazart woke up one morning raving of a wild dream that had a bunch of dark corridors and demons asking for wavy, poison-dripping swords and crying that his very soul depended on their actions, not only did the assembled Company not raise an eyebrow (they call him "cursed" for a reason), but they enthusiastically agreed to help him out! Robert's dream spoke of a servant of the Sword Princes of Chaos, Arnara, and a secret shrine hidden in the southernmost area of the 4th level of the Chateau d'Ambreville.

The party trundled off to the Chateau with the intention of searching for, and finding the secret door behind which this shrine lay. After cutting through a few random encounters with a platoon of night goblins and hobgoblins, as well as a handful of gargoyles, the party found a series of hidden rooms in the southern portion of the dungeon. Jackpot, they thought! A jackpot it may have been, but not the one they were looking for.

The hidden rooms turned out to be a reliquary for the Ambreville family, with a dozen or so altars in niches about the room, each holding an artifact, with a descriptive painting hung above it. Grasping an ancient book on the first altar, Pritchard Hood was drained of two energy levels by a pair of shadows that emerged from the painting.

Next, the party took up a jewel-encrusted cup, which spawned a hideous poison-tailed devil which Lord Roland luckily escaped being poisoned by.

Lastly, the party snatched a sword from the next altar, calling into being the spirit of Henri d'Ambreville, a powerful warrior from decades ago. Henri taunted the CoCS, and dispatched Pritchard's zombie in two swift strokes. He claimed he would be able to make short work of them with his enchanted blade and skill at arms, but was unable to land a blow, due to Audrey's and Roland's thick armor. The Company thrust towards him, but low on offensive spells, they were unable to mount a sustained attack. Eventually, they chose the high ground and cast a Protection from Evil 10' radius, forcing the phantasm back into the recesses of the room.

Quickly taking to flight, the party hustled back out of the Chateau with their stolen artifacts whilst Henri d'Ambreville shouted to the "servants of the Ambreville" family to hear his summons and come to his aid.

Losses and Loot

The party destroyed six night goblins, three night hobgoblins, six gargoyles, two "dire wraiths," one minor devil and six tiger beetles.

Treasures retrieved included three silver bracelets, four portraits (one depicting a black unicorn kept by the party, the other three given to Etienne d'Ambreville), a jeweled scabbard, a biography of Stephan d'Ambreville, the cursed chalice of Cezarine d'Ambreville and the magic sword of Henri d'Ambreville.

Each PC received 310xp and 2270gp.

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