G137: Chatelaine Aflame

Date: ?
PCs: ?


Returning to the Chateau, the Company experienced an evening of arthropod-themed adventure. In addition to an assortment of random wandering monsters, they destroyed a hive of killer bees, a giant termite nest and a magic dancing spider.

Eventually they found their way to the charred chambers of Chatelaine Magali, whose undead corpse smoldered unceasingly as she bid them clean the dungeon from top to bottom. Finding this demand unreasonable, the Company assaulted her. They destroyed her just as she opened a secret door to flee. Confiscating the treasure within the secret room, our heroes departed, congratulating themselves on a job well done.

Losses and Loot

The party destroyed four ghouls, four shadows, ten killer bee workers, seven killer bee warriors, one queen killer bee, ten giant termite workers, one giant termite queen, one giant tarantella spider, five troglodytes and the fiery Chatelaine Magali.

Treasure retrieved included tapestries, a gold brooch in the shape of an eagle, termite eggs, parchment, a silver necklace, a silver bracelet, the Chatelaine's keyring and financial paperwork, a wand of detect magic, a potion labeled "chaser" (used to save a PC from poison), 6600cp, 2500sp and 970gp.

Each PC received 262xp and 721gp.

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