G135: Into the Desert Southwest

Date: 9 August 2012
PCs: Dahk'Konor, Cut Coutelain, Audrey Carcassone, Roland
DM: Greengoat


Having fallen through dimensional rifts into a strange parched land, a handful of adventurers agreed to venture into the legendary Devil Gut Rock to rescue some kidnapped townsfolk. They did not do it for the reward — no, seriously! (Though the fact that the reward was to be paid in company scrip only redeemable at the local market may have had something to do with it.)

Venturing into the desert, the party discovered a strange altar which they promptly desecrated, followed by the lair of a giant rat which they promptly murderized. Then, beyond a rise, they found Devil Gut Rock itself: a towering mound of steaming, fissured stone resembling a heap of sulfurous entrails. While circumnavigating the place in search of a back entrance, they encountered a small band of aggressive desert nomads who were promptly slain.

Entering the mound itself, the party destroyed a group of strangely pickled undead which had been stored in jars, then found and rescued the town mayor's kidnapped daughter. They brought they poor girl with them as they continued to explore, finding a shaft that ran up through the heart of the mound and being dazed by its hallucinogenic vapors.

After a couple more encounters — one with a coyote-headed man who claimed to answer questions for money, then with another of the black-clad nomads — the party decided they'd had enough for one day and returned to town with the mayor's daughter.

Losses and Loot:

The party slew half a dozen nomads and an equal number of gherkin-wights, and acquired some jewelry, gold wire, silver ingots and incense.

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