G134: Guests of Li Fen

Date: 1 August 2012
PCs: Audrey, Pritchard, Robert, Ja, Blackjack, Kohlrabi (with guest appearance by Roland)
DM: Quendalon

Guests of Li Fen


Our story begins in the Ouestmarche, with everyone's favorite High Cavalier, Roland. Having talked himself into a disadvantageous situation with the Marais, our hero had finally made his way out to his homeland with his boon companion, Pigshit Pat, to try to connive a method of fulfilling his geas and coming out on top. After securing his actual father away with Pigshit as a backup plan, Roland delivered his proposal to Baron Zanzibar — adopt Roland as his son and heir in exchange for the opportunity to link the House Zanzibar with House Marais forever after. Baron Zanzibar, a somewhat jovial and agreeable man, accepted Roland's offer with one caveat, that Roland accompany him to a traditional ritual to be inducted into the family that evening.

Later that night, the Baron appeared in Roland's room, escorted by two robed figures. They directed Roland to follow them into the family crypts, assuring him that the entire ritual was a merely a traditional formality. The group achieved the dungeon level, and a horrifying scene greeted our hero. A man, chained and bleeding above a yawning pit, cried out for mercy as Baron Zanzibar explained that to be a member of the Zanzibar family meant to be inducted into the cult of the Sword Princes of Chaos! He extended a ceremonial sword to Roland and instructed him to deliver the coup de grace, then sup upon the warm blood of the captive.

It was here that Roland decided to draw the line in his overly-ambitious quest for fame and power. He was not a "good" man, but he was certainly not "evil"! He drew his sword and attacked the Baron and his minions. The Sword Princes choose their faithful carefully though, and the host swiftly laid the cavalier low…

The next morning, Roland awoke in the dirt outside Chateau Zanzibar with the Baron standing over him. The Baron scolded him for being a churl and unsportsmanlike conduct. Of course, the battle was all simply a ruse! If only Roland has simply drank some blood of the innocent, none of this would've happened, and he would now be happily on his way back east, heir to the Zanzibar fortune. As it was now though, the Baron scoffed at the thought that Roland could ever truly be his heir. The warned Roland to gather his belongings and leave the Ouestmarche forever, threatening that if he ever saw the High Cavalier again, he would have his head on a pike. Roland promised the Baron the same.

Chateau d'Ambreville

Meanwhile, in the ruins of the Chateau d'Ambreville to the east, the Company of Crossed Swords delved back into the dungeon! With much of the first three levels heretofore already mapped and cataloged, the CoCS decided to try their luck again on the fourth level of the dungeon.

Descending their familar route, the Company connected much of the previously explored northeastern and southwestern section of the 4th level on their maps, encountering a handful of hobgoblins on the way. Opening the door to a room adjacent to the Grand Stair, the novice magic user Kohlrabi startled a clutch of phase spiders, which greedily clawed and bit at him. Dodging away from the first, a second sunk it's poisoned mandibles into his leg, but the stalwart wizard's immune system fought off the toxin. The remainder of the party advanced and slew the monsters, then chopping open several web sacs fille with treasure before setting fire to the entire nest.

Continuing down the hallway, he party opened a door to be met by two glassy-eyed dwarves who welcomed them to the domain of their master, Li-Fen. The Company questioned them on who they were and how they got there, suspecting them of being planar dwarves, as Blackjack leered lecherously at the female of the two. Only confirming that they were indeed members of the band of planar dwarves, they ushered the party into a larger room, filled with creatures. Night goblins, hobgoblins, dwarves, humans, gargoyles, and all manner of other creatures crowded about the feet of Li-Fen, a robe-clad figure seated on a low-rise throne. Several members of the party immediately began stalling Li-Fen with small talk as Robert Hazart spent 10 minutes attuning his ESP.

Reading this strange man's mind, Robert only discovered that he was wary of the Company despite his excellent manners. Casting his sixth sense about the room however, Robert began to suspect that the collection of strange and fantastic creatures were gathered there, charmed by Li-Fen. Realizing they could not solve the mystery at this point, the Company bid Li-Fen adieu and headed north to investigate the fungus garden, to which they were eventually denied entry.

After exploring the level a bit more, the Company began to head back earthwards. As they attained the stairway on the fourth level, they were surprised by a platoon of goblins with their hobgoblin sergeants. Kohlrabi, driven mad by the boredom of being a 1st level magic user in a 4th level party, charged into the heart of his enemies, only to be laid low by short sword and javelin. The rest of the party slowly formed their ranks and efficiently cut the monsters down, avenging yet another 1st level rube, brutally murdered before his time.

Losses and Loot

We lost Kohlrabi, a 1st level magic user to the powerful effects of ennui.

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