Postsession activity for Session 134


As the long winter months blanket Glantri's highland principalities in snow and ice, the gnome Snickwick will catch up with his dear friends Frognettle and Grittlesby, spend quality time with the boisterous Peugot, and most of all dedicate his energies to the completion of his beloved project, his Puppet Golem.

The captain of the Company's animal intelligence brigade was much inspired by the transference of intellects imposed by the mystic tapestry, and illuminated by the words of Salvatore and Gaumont Ox-Eye on the matter of soulular interversance.

Conscious of the potential impact of unwilling confinement - Snickwick will use his access to Glantri's Great Library and local contacts to continue his development. The diminutive craftsman will pursue likely categories of meta-spiritual entities that might be most receptive to an inter-conjunction with a physical anchor via ecto-conjunction with an animate (unsentient) object.

Certain legends from the Muddlecarp elders (reinforced by his findings in the Great Library) have convinced Snickwick that there are several categories of loosely organized nature spirits (specific burbles of a brook, particularly pleasant summer breezes, dappled patches of shade under newly leaved trees and so forth) which are generally characterized by a pleasant and playful demeanor, which might truly appreciate a more permanent home in an automaton.

While he spends his days seeking out and categorizing certain of these entities, he will spend his nights in the ongoing craftsmanship of the puppet itself with wire, wood and paint. The creature will not be simply a work of ingenuity, but a work of art!

400gp towards the development of the Puppet Golem

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