G133: The Heart of Kee-Tan Huul

Date: 26 july 2012
PCs: Audrey, Pritchard, Robert, Ja, Snickwick, Wintergreen, Blackjack
DM: Charlatan


Action! Surprise! Danger! Victory!

Losses and Loot

Monsters Defeated

  1. 3 spindly double jointed kiddie demons
  2. 8 big burly leaping demons
  3. 8 acolytes
  4. 2 monstrosities from beyond space and time
  5. 1 Kee-Tan Huul

Treasure Recovered

  1. 27 gold pieces and 2 gemstones similar to the Heart (pink, metallic vein of reddish silver, no shifting purple presence, 2.5" spheres) from Key-Tan Huul's chambers
  2. 2 potions and a scroll with protection from normal missiles
  3. the Heart of Key-Tan Huul
  4. Key-Tan Huul's spellbook (see below)
  5. Two metallic threads, as flexible as hair, apparently the Spears of Griet
  6. The purses of the acolytes
    1. 25 silver, 65 gold
    2. 3 gemstones similar to the Heart (pink, metallic vein of reddish silver, no shifting purple presence): 1 small and cracked, two stylized replicas of the Heart (a polished, fist-sized sphere set on a chain)
  7. The silvery chains forged by the Creature of Arms and Mouths
  8. A tapestry woven by same

KTH's Spellbook contains:

  1. charm person, protections from evil, magic missile, read magic
  2. detect evil, invisibility, wizard lock, continual light
  3. fly, lightning bolt, invisibility 10' radius, refuse attacks
  4. dimension door, curse, wall of ice
  5. magic jar, rock to mud

For enemies killed or defeated, the 7 PCs each receive 771xp.
From the loose coins and the sale of the chains, gems and jewelry, minus the cost of item identifications, each PC receives 489gp and 60xp.

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