G133 Postsession

Postsession activity for The Heart of Kee-Tan Huul


In an effort to keep this ball rolling, I suggest we have the potions, Spears of Griet, and chains formally identified. Snickwick will take a couple of people (i.e. the first person to pipe up with enough cash to cover ID) to visit his good friend Peugot, ideally he'd like to get a cost to ID before committing.

Peugeot is as delighted to have your business as always (except that once). He eyes the flasks a little warily, and offers to work on them both for 425g.

Excellent, most excellent Master Peugot - and the chains?

After two days, Snickwick receives a note from Peugeot that he has identified a buyer, and to see him about it. At his shop, Peugeot closes the door behind the gnome and offers him 1360g for the chains and 2400g for the various pink gems. He also advises that Snickwick be modest with his spending for a few days so as to deflect potential questions about his windfall.

Ah, a most generous offer. For the gems, we'd certainly accept this generous offer. That said, we had been somewhat curious as to the deeper nature of the chains themselves, were you able to divine anything as to their magical properties (aside from the inherent evil we've been able to detect). If this would require more research to be funded, I'm quite certain we can accomodate…

Snickwick, we are friends. Surely you understand that I must extend the same courtesies to my other friends as I do to you? Suffice it to say that, for some, their unusual manufacture may indicate other potentialities to be unlocked, but not without significant enchantments.

Snickwick will accept the offer for the sales of the gems and chain and identification of the 2 potions (if Peugot would like, Snickwick can prepare some protective spells and stay handy during the proceedings to ensure his portly friend's security).

This should net each player 476gp and 60xp (if such xp sharing is permissible).

Peugeot sniffs the vials, noting the similarity of their contents and squinting. "Sour. The bark of a tree. I also get some kind of spice." He hefts Nidor Cortis down from its shelf, and flips to an index. "Hmm… not bark. Probably dead. Well, what's done is done," Peugeot sighs as he turns to Snickwick. "The potions will heal you. Too late for the dryad, I'm afraid."


Wintergreen also seeks to have his mystery potion identified. (Note that this turns out to be a potion from a session I ran, so I'd prefer to let someone else take it; I feel a little weird about having my character own magic items that I provided the party as a DM.)

Peugeot is somewhat more formal with Wintergreen, and offers to identify the potion for 286g.

The elf counts out the coins with care, whistling a woodland ditty all the while.

Peugeot inhales deeply over the vial, and goes to a bookshelf to retrieve an exceptionally thick volume labeled Nidor Cruentus, which you see is full of delicate glass panes. He murmurs an incantation, and two small spheres of pale green light appear. Peugeot sandwiches a drop of your potion between two vitreous sheets, and begins comparing leaves from the tome with your sample. "Giant? No, there's a saline component…" Peugeot settles on one leaf, and a dizzying array of colored light sparkles through it. He takes one more deep inhalation, and sets your potion aside. "This potion will make you a hero."

Audrey Carcassonne

Thanking the party for helping rescue the enchanted strands of Griet's tresses, and moreover to put a silence to the demonic forms possessing them, she is troubled that she so easily discounted their existence, after finding the temple was lost to deceptive beings. Moreover, she is troubled by the chance that more holy artifacts may similarly be in unholy circulation.

Trusting the others will keep an eye on Ja, his fingers too likely to grasp the horrible Heart for his own purposes of salt water chaos, she indicates her down days will be spent exploring what the hairs mean, and do.

With over 1,000gp to spend, in addition to what might be gleaned from the sale of last session's sundries, she begs consulting ancient texts, the various writings of the succession of Spearmaidens, and living purveyors of magic identification. In addition, she will seek to employ younger acolytes of Trianoma, or affiliates, to see if they can follow-up behind the besmirching of Kee-Tan Huul in order to discover where these strands might have been found.

A portion of your funds go towards a cell at the Temple of Trianoma in Glantri, where Richard Loubeau guides you through the archives to the best of his ability. Much of the remainder funds a secret, armed escort for texts more particular to the cult of Seff to be moved to Glantri City from their monasterial homes. After days of research, a humble text arriving from a hermitage east into the Ruined Vales: manila-image337.jpg
reveals an image of Griet in a realm of Chaos, carrying silver plate back to her starving village. Audrey recognizes the hellish landscape from the tapestry the Horror of Many-Mouths weaved in its chapel. Further research may reveal more…

The Spearmaiden is entranced. The ways of her kind have been driven deep into the secrets of history, a necessity, given the rarity of clerics of the order, and the silent, lingering distrust even of Trianoma, for whom Seff is ostensibly her lieutenant; discovery of new stories and writings is profoundly circumspect and cautious: nearly everything can be a misdirection.

The images of Griet and the artistry of Hell move her considerably. The notion of delving deep into chaotic lands to retrieve goodness, and all for selfless tasks. She is in awe.

Kindly, she requests the saline Ja'Tubis allow her to have the tapestry. Recognizing its horrific provenance, that is, from a demon's hand, she nevertheless studies it against the new literary artifact. If one is lawful, the other chaotic, then the superimposition of various ostensibly murderous, random figures will produce patterns to regard.

She calls to Seff for help, and finds Seff within her.

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