G132: Battle of the Bandit Bands

Date: July 19, 2012
DM: Quendalon
PCs: Audrey Carcassone, Charlie Darrowkin, Ja'Tubis, Mathieu.


To retrieve Cut Coutelain's possessed body from the halfling bandits called the Rosebriar Rangers, the Company agrees to neutralize either of the two other bandit bands in the area — the Bootblacks and the Carrioneers.

The resulting plan was a thing of deceit. Charlie infiltrated the Bootblacks and persuaded them that he knew of an opportunity to ambush the Carrioneers; Audrey hired the Carrioneers on as caravan guards; and Mathieu convinced the local Darokinese garrison to fake up a caravan for the Carrioneers to guard. The plan was to get the two bandit gangs to fight, then sweep in with the Darokinese soldiers to clean up what was left.

All in all, the plan worked well. As part of the ambush and counter-ambush proceedings, the party and accompanying soldiers fell upon half of the Carrioneer force, destroying it utterly, then arrived at the scene of the main battle to discover that cannily-placed Carrioneer reinforcements had demolished the Bootblacks by dint of a Carrioneer elf's wand of fireballs. But hold person spells flung by Audrey and Ja'Tubis froze both the elf and the Carrioneers' mighty minotaur, leaving the rest of the bandit force easy prey for a Mathieu-led cavalry charge.

Pleased that both rival gangs had been decimated, the Rosebriar Rangers yielded Cut's possessed form to the Company.

On the road home, there was an encounter with a pack of gnolls slavering over a chewed corpse. After dispatching the gnolls, the party recovered 2 rings from the body.


The party faced and defeated a bunch of bandits. Treasure received included a wand of fireballs, a mysterious rod, and a sword +1.

The total xp for enemies defeated 2065, or 514 per PC. The party collected coin and goods worth 2612gp, or 653gp each.

Each surviving PC received ? xp and ? gp.

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