G132 Postsession

Postsession activity for A Captive Coutelain

Richard Loubeau

Richard will try to arrange an audience with Salvatore in which he will ask for advice about potential vessels for the victim of the tapestry.

Richard meets with Salvatore in the latter's Temple chambers, a room whose shelves and workbenches are crowded with papers, junk-boxes and watercolors. The vicar shares his lunch — pork stewed with beets and carrots — as they discuss the matter.

"That's not an easy question," says Salvatore. "Soulless bodies aren't natural. Things that can contain a soul tend to attract one. That's why so many magical items end up cursed, because some unwanted spirit enters the object before the proper spirit can be bound into it. Likewise, ghostly possession in people is often the result of someone's soul passes on while the body lives, leaving the flesh open for any passing shade to take up residence." He blots the pork grease from his lips with a painter's rag. "Unfortunately, human souls don't always adapt well to unliving vessels. Personalities can change. Memories can be lost. But I suppose that's better than being trapped in a tapestry in perpetuity."

Cut Coutelain

Cut will contemplate the unnatural coldness of his prison, and the feeling of complete and utter severance from all he has ever known. He will lose all sense of the passage of time, then his hope of rescue, and finally begin to doubt that he ever existed outside of this damnable prison. What is that light from the window that has no sunny heat? What is that puddle that looks so like brackish water, but cannot be touched? What he would give even to feel the pangs of hunger or the scratch of thirst again, anything but this dull and endless torpor, this total and remote solitude!


Drained, spent, and thoroughly traumatized, Martín has spent his last weeks shut away, digging deep inside himself to try and understand what cruel whims of fate could have sent him once more to this low place. After some consideration, he determines that this is a message from Trianomma, that he's doing something wrong, and he needs to return to her tripartite bosom to have his path corrected. After paying wages to his various support staff, Martín will set out for Glantri, to visit the Temple, and discuss his conundrum with Josephine (or whatever clergy member seems most appropriate).


Ja will speak to Panthaleon about the specifics of getting a reincarnation or flesh body for Andore, hoping to speed up the process by paying him some section of the fee down to start work now so that he will be ready when we return with whatever ingredients he sends us out to get. He'll also mention the demonic heart of Huul or whatever that thing was supposedly installed in the chest of the cult leader, wondering if the retrieval of that could get the party a discount of some sort.

Panthalion rolls his eyes at your request for specifics, and tells you to ask your dwarven friend. As far as reincarnations: "Of course, I could simply buy the requisite unguents, incenses, candles, inks, vellums, rare herbs and focusing gems for such a spell, but it is always more interesting to do things," he idly strokes the shocking purple scar holding an enormous arm onto a golem's shoulder, "with more panache. Do your associates have anything engaging to work with? Something fresh?" His eyes flash at the mention of Huul. "Cretin! You speak the Old Tongue trippingly for an uninvited cleric whose registration may be lost at the whim of a zealous seneschal. Look around you! My art lies in making flesh live to my design, not trading favors to dark powers for mindless puppets and half-devils." He eyes you suspiciously. "My reputation is too delicate to take such matters up with you. Find a less scrutinized storyteller." Panthalion gathers his robes around him and leaves you alone in his antechamber.


"Of course, there are theories about treants and dryads, that they all come from this curse or that. But I've never yet set a tree to walking, and the Ox-Eye isn't quick to bless! Still," the Wizard pauses near what looks to be the compost heap, until it shakes itself into a roughly bipedal shape and stalks into more direct sunlight, "Still, it's not likely impossible. Just… difficult. Maybe there are some ways we might help each other."

Increasingly concerned by the snippets he's heard of the dealings with Panthaleon, Snickwick will visit Gaumont Ox-Eye to pursue the options hinted at in his conversations with Blackjack Dusseldorf. His goal is to gather any specifics as to what errand the green thumbed thaumaturge might send them upon, and what form this might manifest for Andore.

"Master Ox-Eye, you told Blackjack we might be able to help each other in finding a new host for the soul that has taken over Cut's body… tell me, what can we do here? The Company is assembling tonight and I fear they wander dark paths in search of a solution. It seems our friend's soul is increasingly at risk, and our members grow desperate! As a fellow student of the natural magics, please tell me how you might suggest we find a new body for this "Andore". The Company is assembling a mighty band - let us bring our powers to bear! You are wise and just, what can we do!?"

Gaumont is often unavailable, so I rolled a 2d6 "reaction" to see if he was around; it came up 10: He's available the next day.

Gaumont is directing a number of peasants in the placement of some large canvas sheets in his outdoor gardens ahead of the next frost. "Gnome! This is some unfortunate business to be in. Your business, that is: Can't do much about the winter. Have you thought about just reincarnating him? Let the good earth sort him out? This business of bodies is risky. I could send you on, say, an errand to take a cutting from a dryad's tree and water it with unicorn piddle to make it grow. What if I tried to move the boy's soul into a tree like that? He might be a treant, but he might also just be trapped in a tree instead of a tapestry." Gaumont raises a hand to shield his eyes as he squints at the overcast sky. "Bodies. Expensive, too. Bad as making a golem I'd wager, and no manual for it. Breaking new ground, eh? We could try, but I'd aim a little lower." Gaumont regards Snickwick and quickly adds, "No offense." There is an awkward moment as he tries to make a friendly gesture without patting Snickwick on the head.

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