G129: Guests of the Wizard Goblins

Date: 27 June 2012
DM: Quendalon
PCs: Audrey Carcasonne, Barnaby Flanders, Cut Coutelain, Ja'Tubis, Pritchard Hood, Roland Zanzibar


Before Our Adventure Begins…

The mysterious, self-proclaimed Lord of the Ouestmarche, Roland Zanzibar, waited on Blanchfleur de Marais at court. He had been informed that his request for land and incorporation into the household of the Marais had been favorably received, and now he was to receive the details of his boon. Roland arrived at court to find Blanchfleur attended by two cousins: Mandore and Thonerite de Marais. Both cousins were significantly older than Blanchfleur, but their sorcerous vigor made it difficult to make any assessment more specific than that. The cousins were unsurprisingly haughty, forward, and judgmental of Roland; less expected was the reason for their attendance: Roland's grant of land is the dowry in a match Blanchfleur has arranged with the dowager Thonerite. Roland was so flummoxed by the situation he found himself in that even his legendary rapport did little but mire him further and further in a web of obligation to the Marais: He is now expected to retrieve his father, presumed to be the Baron of Ouestmarche, to attend his nuptials in eight weeks, and his commitment is sealed with a geas. Roland might have appeared more joyous at so advantageous an arrangement, but he appeared to have eaten something that disagreed with him.

Into the Dungeon

Ja'Tubis's mind wandered, and Cut Coutelain seized the opportunity to direct the party to an unexplored quadrant of the third level of the Chateau. On the way our heroes were beset by a band of troglodytes, but they were dispatched relatively painlessly. Perhaps they were distracted by Cut's surprisingly nimble vomiting? Past the Temple of Law they traveled, and in a non-descript chamber the party was beset by a troll. Could it have been the troll that fled weeks ago while two of his peers were cut down in the hallway outside? Regardless, it held no wealth. It's heart was carved out to sell in the city, and its remains unceremoniously burnt.

Following a narrower path off the grand hallway of the third floor, the party discovered a large galley-like room with a curiously literate (and understandably nervous) goblin reading a large tome. The goblin introduced the party to its leaders, who revealed themselves to be the infamous "Wizard Goblins" of the Ambrevilles. The goblins were led by their elders: Amelie, Denis, and Ambrose. The elders were attended by two animated stone statues and two goblin footmen (Jean-Roland and Jean-Martin). After some careful politicking, the goblins were convinced that it may be in the best interest of the remaining Ambrevilles to have what valuables remaining in the chateau removed, provided that the party could demonstrate Etienne's agreement. The party would deliver a letter to Etienne and convey a response. As a show of good faith, the party was given a fragment of Amelie's Mirror, which they would return to Blanchfleur as usual.

Before leaving, the party made an attempt to identify some nearby treasures by asking the goblins where their custodial efforts had been thwarted by creatures more powerful than they. The goblins indicated one such place: The Hall of Statues, which has become a lair for gargoyles. After some effort, the party identified the Hall and had a skirmish with the gargoyles. While the initial combat was decided in favor of the party, evidence of some ten por twelve additional gargoyles convinced them to decamp and plan a return. They returned to Glantri City, and ultimately convinced Etienne that his best hope of retaining any heirlooms was to endorse the Company of Crossed Swords as his agents in the removal of the valuables the wizard goblins had collected.


The party faced and defeated 8 troglodytes, 1 troll, and 3 gargoyles.

Once again, Barnaby was beaten to an inch of his life and survived. Each surviving PC received 307 xp (207 monsters, 100 rp bonus) and 125 gp.

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