G127: Burning Down the House

Date: June ?, 2012
DM: Charlatan
PCs: Barnaby Flanders, Ja'Tubis, Martin, Pritchard Hood, Roland Zanzibar and Wintergreen. The party was accompanied by the enigmatic not-elf Benedict.


The Company's lodge in Malinbois burns down! Several characters — Blackjack Dusseldorf, Half-Moon Spike, Ja'Tubis and Jorge Fitz — escaped the blaze. Sadly, Louis Lamont perished, as did the intelligent mouse acquired months earlier in the Chateau. The party salvaged several maps, spellbooks, magical reagents and other items from the flames, but many other valuables were destroyed. While initial suspicions were aimed at the dragon lairing to the northwest, the Company eventually placed the blame on a survivor of the Falcons — a rival adventuring party they'd directed toward a trap in the Chateau.

Several active party members assembled in Glantri City to continue investigating the secret caverns beneath Thelchineau Manor. The expedition discovered a heap of silver and electrum coins in a watery cave, but the wealth was protected by a pair of giant worms whose nether parts resembled the upper torsos of old women. These "wormaids" proved troublesome and dangerous, and were dispatched at the cost of Benedict's life. Upon death, Benedict's body slowly reverted into an ordinary-seeming log, while his possessions became leaves and bits of bark.

After selling off their coinage and gems, the party visited Gaumont Ox-Eye to sell off both the log and a weird plant that Wintergreen had acquired from the Thelchineau greenhouse. Ja'Tubis and Jorge persuaded the mage to reincarnate the mouse, accepting the log as the price — and as a component in the ritual. The mouse returned to them as a green-haired man — a man who still gabbled as quickly and incomprehensibly as he did in mouse form, alas.

Losses and Loot

The party slew two "wormaids." They retrieved six gems, 6000sp, 4000ep, a strange "pancreas bush" and a vaguely magical wooden log.

Each surviving PC received ?gp and ?xp.

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