The Company's lodge has been destroyed through treachery! But so often for the Company of Crossed Swords, setbacks have led to greater opportunities. With this in mind, Roland Wolfric, Lord Zanzibar, High Cavalier of the Ouestmarche will seek an audience with the Marais, hereditary rulers of Nouvelle Averoigne and Counts and Countesses of Malinbois specifically.

"Honorable Countess de Marais!" Roland exclaims after the heralds have announced him. He smiles brightly and genuflects, removing his helmet and setting his sword on the floor before him. "No doubt you have heard of the terrible fire that shot through the lodge of the Company of Crossed Swords, razing it to the ground? My brothers-in-arms acted quickly, and aided the quick-witted citizens of Malinbois in containing the fire and preventing a worse tragedy. I would however, be remiss in not mentioning to My Lady that one of our number, the wizard Louis Lamont was laid low in the conflagration," Roland pauses, placing his hand over his heart.
"I do not appear before you merely as a bearer of ill news My Lady, but rather with an offer. Our lodge has been destroyed, and now the inn and town o'erflows with the, admittedly rough around the edges, members of the Company of Crossed Swords. I come to you with the offer of my allegiance as a knight-errant to your house with only the request that you grant me, and by extension, the Company of Crossed Swords, a parcel of land upon which I may rebuild our home and headquarters. We have come to regard Malinbois as our adopted home, and you as our adopted liege, from no matter which lands we may hail — from the Ouestmarche to Alfheim, Erewan to Rockhome, and we would prefer to remain here, rather than to perhaps seek another home out of necessity. As your servant, I shall gladly lead the Company into the wilderness to clear any parcel you may grant, for the greater glory of your house, as well as to raise the foundations of a mighty fortress from which your lands may be safeguarded."

"Whatever your decision My Lady, I shall remain ever your humble servant, and hope that, in your wisdom and beneficence, you will see your way to granting my request."


The Goblings were extremely upset by the conflagration, and have resorted to carting around Snickwick's unfinished marionette, promising they'll protect it and never let any harm come to it. Martín will pay out wages (100gp), and allowances (100gp) living costs (50gp) and stabling fees (25gp). He will also repay Richard the other 500gp he owes. This leaves him with precisely two coins to rub together, and rub he will!

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