G126: Gray Fluid, Green Dust

Date: June 7, 2012
DM: Charlatan
PCs: Barnaby Flanders, Martin, Pritchard Hood and Wintergreen. The party was accompanied by Millipede and the enigmatic not-elf Benedict.


Wintergreen speaks:

Frolicking season was over and gamboling season had yet to begin! Clearly it was time to rejoin the Company of Crossed Swords. And when some fellow named Benedict — who claimed to be an elf — told us of treasure beneath Thelchineau Manor, why, we thought treasure would be a fine thing indeed! Tra la, fiddle de hay!

So we followed this fake elf down through dungeons deep and all that, to a secret door that led to all sorts of damp and drippy caves. Benedict clearly was hiding something though, and he seemed to be reading our minds! So Martin clapped him in irons until he admitted — well, he didn't admit anything, but we let the poor fellow go anyway, since he was allergic to the iron and so was probably a pixie or something. Poor little pixies, forced to shapeshift into elves for no reason we could see! Tro lo lo de ay!

Anyway, we were stymied for a while by a passage covered in green dust, until Pritchard Hood sprayed the floor with a stream of solid stone from his mighty staff! It covered most of the dust, but some of the stuff boiled up around the edges, turned into a floating green dust person thing, and attacked! We destroyed it, of course. Hi tiddley yay!

Beyond, we found a room full of jars of gray liquid full of weird wriggly flesh, and a watery cave where shiny things sparkled on a distant shore! Flanders climbed along the wall to fetch the sparklies, but they were protected by a giant murky water monster! Pritchard shot it full of lightning and Martin chopped it in half, and then we were saved! Ho yo dundely day!

We wandered around a bit more, based on Benedict's feelings about where to go, and found a room with weird magic symbols made of glowing mold. But there were no monsters and no treasures, so when we found more doors and passages wandering every which way, we decided to come back later when we'd recovered, to have another try. And that's the story of our adventure! Hum bum biddley bay!

Losses and Loot

The party slew a green dust person thing and a murky water elemental. They retrieved four gems and two jars of animate flesh preserved in gray liquid, the latter being sold to Panthalion the Flesh-Crafter.

Each surviving PC received 177gp and 247xp.

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