G123: Dragon, Then Dungeon

Date: 16 May 2012
PCs: Cut Coutelain, Ja'Tubis, Martin le Black, Roland, Pritchard Hood, and… Audrey?
DM: Quendalon

The party went looking for the dragon that had been seizing horses, and found its lair by having Ja'Tubis befriend a local bird and bribing it with shiny things. All of this only to find that its lair was swarming with dozens upon dozens of goblins. The dragon's name is Eznegar, and it claimed to be a whelp of Semakal, one of multiple dragons beneath the Dragon Tower. Realizing they were not prepared, the party beat a hasty retreat, but not before Pritchard gave the dragon a scroll of protection from spells as a goodwill gesture. They went back to the Chateau and poked around there for a bit, extracting the obviously evil, ritual goat statue from its pentagrammed home. The party was split as to whether the statue should be sold to chaos cultists or rendered up to the Trianomans. While they argued, Pritchard disappeared with the statue. Later he returned with cash, explaining that the captains were due a dividend on Charlie Darrowkin's pie stand operations. Because the party is composed of fundamentally greedy people, this story went unquestioned.

Each surviving PC received 100(?)xp and 733(?)gp.

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