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Martín will ensure that his henchmen, livestock and wards are all properly attended to, covering their costs for September and October (400gp). Unfortunately, young Pigtail was unable to manage his allowance responsibly, and immediately blew it on a prom dress he saw in a local shop. With no remaining funds, he has had to subside on roots, berries, and what small game he can catch around town.

Having paid off his debts to Richard, Le Black turns his mind to his duties as a loyal vassal of House Hazart. It is the Black Swordsman's most solemn obligation to ensure the proper comportment of his noble guest, Lord Marcel Hazart. To this end, he will procure a bottle of fine brandy, a phial of Blue-eye and a lid of Fflarhnian Ear Snuff… two if he can afford it (150gp).

Martin most certainly cannot obtain such luxuries for so little money! He can, perhaps, procure a bottle of deeply inferior brandy, a phial of something blue that he doesn't know what it is, and a lid of Fflarhnian Ear Snuff that's been cut with mothballs and rat droppings. Alternatively, he can scrounge up more money in order to procure substances of finer quality.

Let's forget about the brandy and the blue and just get the best snuff we can find.

Martin is, in fact, able to procure three lids of prime Fflarhnian Ear Snuff from one of his old dealers in Low Waterside: Mme. Olive, a squat, middle-aged woman rumored to have a bit of goblin in her ancestry. "Back for more?" she says, arching a penciled eyebrow. "I'd thought you'd kicked the habit — or found another dealer."

Richard Loubeau

After a day of tending to Gaumont's ledgers and saplings, Richard returns to his opportunistic experimentation, and Eureka!

A placeholder to remind us that Richard has learned a second level spell that, having rolled a 20 to determine the spell, is from "outside the books"

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