G121: Dungeon or Dragon?

Date: 3 May 2012
PCs: Azure the Adventurer, Barnaby Flanders, Cut Coutelain, Fabian the Elf, Ja'Tubis, Martin le Black, Pritchard Hood, Roland


Exploring, being attacked by Night Goblins. Pritchard's inaugural lightning bolt. Discovering a wounded hellhound, escorting it back to the fire-worshipping orcs. Returning for a brief delve, encountering a long-fingered ghost and turning it. Looting some otherwise empty rooms. Cut lying to Pritchard about the way back to the surface so that he could look behind a couple of more doors.


No deaths, and only a mild fright from a ghastly spirit. Many doors met their fate under the heel of a map-mad Cut Coutelain.

A variety of treasure was dragged out in the bag of holding including: 40 pieces of silver, assorted silver jewelry, shiny rocks and decorative frog bits taken from the night goblins. A magic pot and healthy [plant] growing without sun or water. A fine lamp. A snazzy black and white box with various pieces of coin inside (including a giant coin engraved with a poem lamenting the futility of coinage). Several books and a set of notes on the origins of the family D'ambreville. A fine selection of forgotten jewelry. various gems which seemed to have been blown asunder, yet retained some value. But the greatest treasure of all was the bonhomie that comes with a fine adventure had among dear friends.

Each PC received 55xp and 600gp.

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