G121 Postsession

Post-session page for G121: Dungeon or Dragon?

Cut Coutelain

Understanding that silk rope is thinner and stronger than hempen rope, Cut commissions a 50' silk rope in white, with knots tied carefully at 1 foot intervals and beaten gold caps to prevent the ends from fraying with use. He'll also have 3 small cloth-of-gold flags sewn, and tie them to every tenth knot in the rope.


Continuing on their last interchange, Roland questions Alzenia regarding what would be appropriate for metropolitan gentry, as…err…a member of the rural nobility, he's a bit light on familiarity of fashions outside of the Ouestmarche. Additionally, he will request recommendations from Alzenia, Dominic, and Dominique (assuming the young twins might also be good sources) for a quality tailor and haberdasher. He will spend liberally on the necessary accoutrements — say 900 gp? (Is that liberal?)

As to the issue of a valet, this is something Roland has had on his mind for some time. He had hoped Jean-Francois might blossom into a serviceable valet, but well…we all know how that turned out. He will question the staff at House Hazart to see if they are acquainted with any experienced valets who might be looking for work. Not simply counting on these tips, he will also take out an advertisement for an experienced valet in the Glantrian daily papers. He'll spend 100 gp — however long that allows it to run.

Lastly, Roland will visit a letting agent for the purposes of obtaining lodging in a smart part of town! He'll need someplace to house all this new stuff, after all! Those costs, I will leave to a higher power.

Barnaby Flanders

Since Barnaby's rebirth as a planty kind of guy, he wants to make a place where he can feel more at home and get more in touch with (his) nature. To these ends, he is looking to purchase a small plot of land. It should be of good enough quality that trees, flowers, vegetables, and other plants are able to be grown there. It should be close to town so that the can go there when he wishes, but far enough away that he can get away from the hustle and bustle when he wants.

While most of the land will be given to planting, he would like to reserve a section of the land upon which to build a small, two-room stone house in which to live. Wood may also be used in the making of this structure where necessary or practical, but no wood should be cut down for this purpose. Only trees or branches which have already broken and/or fallen should be used. He feels a kinship with them, and wishes no harm to come to them on his behalf.

(I have no idea what land, materials, and labor costs are. Barnaby will spend up to 1000 GP on this, however far that gets him.)

Knorr Bremse

Knorr Bremse has been watching the intense discussions about mapping for days. While Ja'Tubis, Cut, and others copy and re-copy, argue and discuss fine points of stairways and heights, corridors and angles, Knorr's brow wrinkles, he squints his eyes, and repeatedly draws breath as if to say something, but does not speak.

Finally, he approaches.

"Mebbe I don't know much about much, but let me tell you about deep mining for the basalt ore that contains adamant. The ore is hard and magical to boot - it produces magical darkness and even dwarf-sight does not work around it. We have to map underground caverns most careful-like by torchlight to figure out where the ore is. When drilling for a seam of ore you do not want to be off by even a few feet."

He produces a length of heavy hemp cord. While they watch, he carefully paces out 10' segments of the cord and ties together lengths as necessary to create a 50' long cord marked at 10' intervals with special knots.

He explains that two somewhat practiced delvers can use such a cord to quickly and accurately map straight line distances as they walk along, leapfrogging and saving the time and uncertainly of having to pace out distance. This works especially well for refining existing maps, as a team can verify distances very quickly against the pre-measured cord.

Knorr offers to buy material sufficient to make several 50' cords for the company, and offers to practice this technique with anyone willing, first in daylight, then later in darkness until they have a good sense of how to hold the cord and work in pairs to calculate distances as they move from place to place.

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