G120: The Fall of Ghaarn

Date: 26 april 2012
PCs: Audrey Carcasonne, Azure the Thief, Barnaby Flanders, Charlie Darrowkin, Ja'Tubis, Martin le Black, Richard Loubeau, Roland Zanzibar
DM: Quendalon


The Company of Crossed Swords, as a rule, has great endurance. We have been able to endure insanity and depravity in our ranks, arrogance and deceit without, and general incompetence and foolishness wherever we may roam. But if there's one thing we will not tolerate, we absolutely will NOT endure, it is a Type II demon. When one of those shows up, it is time for the CCoS to Hulk out!

And so it was, in G119, that Ghaarn the Hezrou asked, "Do You Serve La Familie D'Ambreville?" The assembled Company-men ground their teeth and said yes, knowing they did not possess the forces to smite this vile frog demon alone, but that the necessary heroes lay but a beck and call away! The Company of Crossed Swords marshalled their best and brightest and marched into the Chateau with deadly deeds on their minds.

Arriving at Ghaarn's lair, Roland brandished a borrowed crest of the Ambrevilles, suitably befuddling the easily befuddled demon, whilst his companions encircled the black throne upon which the monster rest. With a quip Richard Loubeau drew Darkbane, momentarily surprising the beast, as the assembled Company struck in unison! Alas, Ghaarn's thick hide was more than a match for the Company's blades, and many a ringing blow glanced harmlessly from his scaly body.

One of these intrepid adventurers though, dug deep into his heart and found therein…pie. Delicious, demon-hating pie (aka rhubarb). Charlie Darrowkin, hanging upside down from the ceiling in his enchanted boots drew his bow and let fly arrow after deadly arrow which repeatedly found purchase deep within in the folds of Ghaarn's amphibious flab. Staggered, the demon turned to his dirtiest tricks…

First, raising his arms in unholy supplication, the frog demon sought to summon in a member of his infernal kinsmen, but to the Company's great relief — no aid came, Ghaarn's pleas remaining unanswered. Gathering a great breath, Ghaarn then hocked a foul lugie upon the floor, from which issued an impenetrable darkness which enveloped the assembled. Then turning to Richard, the mad non-euclidian geometry of the beast's gaze caused Darkbane's wielder to panic, turning to run howling deeper into the Chateau in a frenzy of fear.

The Company bore down, with Audrey countering the great mass of darkness by casting a Silence spell within, preventing the demon from unleashing a torrent of spells under the cover of the inky miasma. The fighters drove forward, the halcyon glow from multiple Continual Light spells allowing them to see their enemy as they pecked away at the raging abomination. The Company slowly began to make headway against its massive bulk, even as the fiend tore at Martin with ragged claws.

As the monster weakened, the ferocity of its attacks increased. Barnaby Flanders, known for his iron courage despite a fragile frame, strove against the demon, his magical blade flashing hither and yon. Ghaarn was greatly vexed by Barnaby's calculating press, and let loose at great roar, grasping the warrior in a great horned hand and decapitating the poor fellow with one vicious bite. The Company cried out in horror at the loss of their boon companion, redoubling their assault until finally, Ghaarn lay dead.

Swiftly, attentions were turned toward the fate of Richard Loubeau, who had fled off into the spinning chaos room — a nigh death trap every time the Company had entered it. Richard was flung off into the room occupied by Antoine the metallic jaguar, while Ja'Tubis searched vainly through the confusing doors. It was just then that the night goblins appeared.

A full platoon of night goblins entered the scene, replete with hobgoblin sergeants barking orders. Ja'Tubis narrowly avoided being slain by quickly ducking through a door Charlie was knocking on from outside. The goblins discovered Richard, almost capturing him, before he was able to sprint through their ranks and back to his fellows outside. As the fighters Roland and Martin hustled up the hallway in heavy armor, the goblins fell upon Charlie, Ja'Tubis, and Audrey.

The battle was pitched, but the CCos's reinforcements turned the tide. Audrey was knocked senseless, and even Martin fell bleeding to the dungeon floor, wounded as he was from the vicious ministrations of Ghaarn. Eventually however, the determination of the Company of Crossed Swords won through and the dead and wounded were gathered up as our heroes headed swiftly for the door.

As they passed Ghaarn's lair, Azure, the newest member of the CCoS poked his head up from behind the silenced throne. He had been conscientiously stripping the entire dias of its jewels and gold! Got much? Oh, only about 8,000 gold worth. Not bad, kid. Come back next week and we'll have another job for ya.

Half the Company went to Glantri to fence various treasures while the other half repaired to the tower of Gaumont Ox-Eye to treat for a reincarnation spell for Barnaby. After waiting three days, an accord was reached. An exchange of knowledge and the short-term apprenticeship of Richard Loubeau for a reincarnation. Barnaby's remains were planted in Ox-Eye's garden, and with plentiful watering and sunlight, a new more roguish Flanders appeared! Martin handed Barnaby the great claymore Judgment and clapped him on the back. Get back in there, Flanders! The Company of Crossed Swords needs you!

Filled with a sense of indignant purpose by Charlie's tales of a halfling-eating demon in the Chateau, Richard and Martin put down their business in Glantri to pursue the beast Ghaarn's destruction. After a week of research and consultation with Audrey, Pritchard, and the Temple of Trianoma, they assembled the Company's most stalwart hearts and set out for the Chateau, stopping in Malinbois to recruit a new torch-bearer. Along their way, Charlie's keen eyes noted what appeared to be a small dragon in the woods nearby- a fact confirmed by the orcs of Ignis as they received a gift of livestock from the party.

Their plan was to lull Ghaarn into passivity by presenting an Ambreville sigil (borrowed from Etienne), then surprise him with the flash of light from Darkbane and cut him down. Moving quickly to the room Charlie described, the party girded itself with protection spells and entered the throne room. At first, their plan seemed to be working- the demon did not attack, and he answered questions to the best of his vacant, shrugging ability. The party learned that Ghaarn was summoned by Erchard d'Ambreville to protect the dungeons before Richard lost his patience and attacked.

Alas, the demon was merely annoyed by Darkbane's light, and belched forward a gloom impenetrable by natural light. Fearing spellcraft, Audrey silenced the area with the power of Seff, and the melee began in earnest. Ghaarn turned a baleful glare on Richard, who was compelled by demonic magics to flee alone into the halls of the dungeon. Ja'Tubis pursued him, while the party- with the notable exception of Azure, the torchbearer- turned their weapons onto the demon. Most of their blows glanced of the monster's unholy hide, no doubt reduced in efficacy by the necessity of defending against Ghaarn's horrible claws and gaping maw. Charlie's enchanted arrows struck some enormous blows, as did Roland's polearm. Unfortunately, Ghaarn was unhurt enough to do great damage to Martin and Barnaby, ultimately severing Barnaby's head from his body and swallowing it in one motion. It would be his last meal: Charlie retributive arrows felled Ghaarn soon after. The party began to plan the retrieval of Richard and Ja'Tubis- except Azure, who labored in the bubble of magical silence and dim light prying gems and gold from Ghaarn's throne.

Richard had fled into the spinning chaos room, ultimately cowering in a corner of the room occupied by Antoine, the iron cat.

  • News - Orcs, Young Dragon
  • Ghaarn (who was summoned by Erchard d/Ambreville)
  • Goblins
  • Ox-Eye,Trianoma, etc.


  • Jewelry, etc. from Goblins
  • Gold and gems pried from Ghaarn's throne
  • Ghaarn's Dark Heart - presented to Trianoma, rewarded with Martin's restoration
  • Casualty: Barnaby Flanders (decapitated, reincarnated)

Each PC received 1,000gp and 407xp

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