G119: Do You Serve La Famille D'Ambreville?

Date: April 19, 2012
PCs: Robert Hazart, Audrey Carcassonne, Charlie Darrowkin, Knorr Bremse, Ja'Tubis, Ur-Boss, "Cut" Coutelain
…and guest appearance of Nick the Thief (Jed)!
DM: Quendalon


( Some business was conducted before the delve, including Cut hiring a horse trader to bring a war pony up from the Five Shires. He owes 200gp on delivery.)

The party gathered and traveled to the Chateau. The orcs greeted us with continuing irritation over the loss of the goblins several weeks before. We explained that we would make up the loss to them with several hundred gold pieces worth of gifts, and they agreed to let us enter the Chateau through Alienor's Tower.

Using maps from previous expeditions the party quickly descended to the third level underground to the room of "The Eternal War." Along the way we were beset by a roving band of ghouls, but the combined might of the party clerics drove them away. Following Cut's direction we went east through double doors down a hall we suspect leads to another of the spinning "chaos room" doors.

There we encountered two giant carrion worms which were slain only after they paralyzed - and almost carried away - Knorr. Thinking to find treasure, the party followed the trail of slime that marked the worms' passage. In the next passageway we encountered two shadows, apparitions which fed on Ja'Tubis' strength before being slain by magic and fire.

Continuing along the slime-trail the party found an ornate double-door bearing the crowned unicorn symbol of La Famille D'Amberville, a set of stairs leading down to the fourth level, a set of stairs leading up, and an entrance to a large spherical room containing an enormous levitating globe studded with semi-precious stones. Robert informed us that this was in fact a huge map of the world….

While gazing at the floating marble globe, we were attacked by two more carrion-worms. Prolonged melee left both worms dead, and the party out of cure light wounds spells. Searching the creatures' lair we discovered the digested remains of a great deal of coinage and jewelry, some of it apparently magical.

Meanwhile the carcass of the carrion worms had attracted a flight of eight giant bees; seven were slain by Robert who spat exploding flame and the last was slain in melee shortly after.

Some experimentation with the globe revealed that the gems were not easy to pry from its surface.

Tired, out of many spells, and wanting to count the coins we had found we started for the surface.

But there was a formerly unnoticed door we wanted to check. It yielded a small study and looting the armoire and desk revealed several items worthy of later investigation. (several cloaks, a silver box, and a lacquer case). But before the party could continue back to the surface, the other door of the room was forced open to reveal a demonic, greasy frog-like creature which called itself Ghaarn, and demanded to know, "Do you serve La Famille D'Ambreville?"

[…and here I had to run for the train. What happened?]

Always quick to prattle on about pie, Charlie distracted the beast with a simple-minded thesis on the merits of meat pies, eventually offering the foul creature one as an example of the wonders of pastried meat over uncooked flesh. While Ghaarn was unconvinced by his culinary arguments, the great chaotic oaf was willing to let the party fetch proof of their service to the Ambrevilles so that he would not eat them. A rare symposium of halfling savants and a beast of the depths who put the "dim" in "demon". After that harrowing negotiation, the party returned to the surface unimpeded.

Enemies Defeated
5 ghouls
4 carrion crawlers
2 shadows
8 killer bees

Treasure Liberated
gold pieces in the hundreds
silver pieces in the dozens
copper pieces in the dozens
lightly enchanted magic sword, lightly enchanted magic mace - traded to the Marais for Diamondheart
a fine gold chain (in need of washing)
gold ring
silver ring
2 dozen mangled gold lumps
black case, unopened - containing writing quills.
3 dark robes from armoire
1 ream of blank parchment
2 flasks of ink, miraculously unbroken by Gael
silver box, unopened - containing blotting dust.
black lacquer case, unopened- containing a silver coronet, and a matching scepter.

The Split
After selling the valuables and making collective expenditures, each member of the party received 531xp and 228gp.


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