G117: Back to the Bastion of the Boglings

Date: March 29, 2012
PCs: Roland Zanzibar, Barnaby Flanders, Charlie Darrowkin, Scrymgeour the Callow, Snickwick, Henri Le Sauteur
Henchmen: Arnold Littleworth
DM: Quendalon


The party returned to the "Bastion of the Boglings", near the village of Solange in the hills of southeastern Touraine.

From the water-logged remains of Scrymgeour the Callow…/

After many months of enjoyable carousing in Glantri, I again join the doughty group of adventurers known as the Crossed Swords.

My companions are Roland, Barnaby Flanders, Charlie Darrowkin, Gael ur Boss, Arnold Littleworth, Snickwick, and Henri le Sauteur, and we have a line on the location of some easy treasure, just waiting for us in some barrows near the village of Solange, south of Glantri city.

It is a rainy day, but I am cheerful as we arrive at the promised hillside with an array of standing stones. Brief exploration reveals a stairway descending into the hill. Our riches await! We have only to follow the path south to a magic fountain inhabited by a water wyrd. A few arrows, shot from a safe distance, and its treasure will be ours.

…There has been some confusion among the party members as to which way they previously came when they saw the water wyrd and magic fountain; we have wandered for an hour or so looking for the right way south through the dungeon. We were following the path of broken doors from the previous expedition south, but that has only led us to a room with a curiously broken statue, several pit traps (avoided by Charlie with those marvelous slippers!) and rooms filled with trash and debris.

We have fought five giant mosquitoes and one of our party was ambushed by a nasty bogling, but we prevailed with only one of us suffering serious injury. Nothing can stop us now. Arnold managed to cast some powerful magic that has allowed us to move very quickly, but then departed.

We have reached the end of the way south and after conference have decided to head back to the entrance and try another of the southern passageways. Charlie thinks it must be the central corridor that leads to the fountain.

…We have found it! The promised room lies ahead, the fountain with its curiously roiled water just as described. There do seem to be zombies in the fountain also, but no matter – they are slow and we are fast! Our planning is concluded, and we approach. I will place this account and my map in my pouch for safekeeping.


Losses and Loot

The party recovered an apparently enchanted suit of armor, as well as an unidentified potion.

Scrymgeour the Callow was slain by a waterlogged zombie.

For monsters defeated, each PC received 59xp.  Each PC received 3 silver when the spoils of the evening were divided.

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