G116: The Riddle of the Lightblade

Date: 21 march 2012
PCs: Martin le Renait, Pritchard Hood, Richard Loubeau, Roland Zanzibar. (With a special guest appearance by "Lord Zee.")
Henchmen: Jean-Francois (Roland Z.), Millipede (Martin)
DM: Quendalon


Pritchard's Hat

While a final attempt to claim Darkbane was at the forefront of the Captains' minds, Martin and Roland were concerned about the ominous skullcap Pritchard had worn since his adventure below Thelchineau Manor. They quickly resolved that the Temple of Trianoma offered the best chance of ridding themselves of the thing, but were slow to devise a plan for luring Pritchard there. With some minor duplicity, the warriors eventually persuaded Pritchard that the initial steps towards earning Darkbane included a blessing from Trianoma, and maneuvered the wizard into an enclosed chapel with Josephine and a handful of her proctors. Reluctant to lie, Josephine offered oblique advice while she detected and removed the curse enthralling Pritchard.

Recruiting a Hexarch

Worried at the scant forces available to them, Richard suggested that they reach out to the Hexarchy with an offer: If one of their own accompanied the party on their final attempt, the party would lead that representative to Theril's chapel. They accepted, and Sword-Sister Amelie joined the Company for their delve. Richard left a package at the temple of Trianoma for Sommelinde, and the company departed.

Killing Richard Loubeau

After an embarrassing moment in which the assembled Captains could not quite remember how to unlock Theril's sanctuary, the company entered and began their audience with the Guide. Martin made his case, describing the purity of his intent and his steadfast refusal to cut down a companion; Theril listened resepctfully. When his plea was done, Theril repeated the terms of the trial, and indicated that no one could attempt the task more than once. Wracking his brains, Martin resolved to cut off one his own fingers as a sign of his faith, but was interrupted by Pritchard making one more suggestion- to no avail. Martin raised his short sword again, only to be interrupted by a second comrade's cries. Looking back, the party was shocked to see Richard kneeling on the floor, a dagger in his stomach. He pleaded with Martin to finish him, and so complete the terms of the trial, but the swordsman hesitated. Richard plunged the dagger deeper into his gut, and implored Martin to strike. Martin wept as Richard lay dying, and lifted his body to Theril's altar. Theril reached down and placed Darkbane on the cutpurse-conjuror's chest, folding Richard's still-warm hands over the hilt. Theril pronounced Richard to be the guardian of the sword, and disappeared into the ether.

In another place, far from the Chateau, Theril and Richard had a solemn conversation. The Guide suggested that Richard could choose between attempting a return to the realm of the living, or becoming an eternal champion of Law himself. Loubeau could not abandon his comrades, and knew they would attempt to revive him. He resolved to fight for Trianoma again in the mortal realm. Theril concurred, and offered Richard a description of some of the evils that lay before him.

Meanwhile, the Company was fighting their way back to the surface through a pack of night goblins. After an impressive display of lethality from Jean Francois, the company made their way to the surface and returned to Glantri. They took Richard's body to the Temple of Trianoma, and Amelie wished them luck. Martin, Pritchard and Roland made their grim presentation to Josephine, who sent for an inscrutable Sommelinde. The bishop instructed the party to leave Richard's remains in the hands of the clerics, and dismissed them. Hours passed, and the Company kept an unwavering vigil. Eventually Josephine returned, with a smiling but visibly weakened Richard in tow. Warmly greeting his stalwart companions, Loubeau immediately asked when they were departing for Chevalise.

Bound for Chevalise, First Stop Trogville

Setting out on their warlike steeds, the Company rode East, towards the Ruined Vales. On the road, they were attacked by a pack of troglodytes. The party initially intended to simply ride on, but Millipede's goat reared and bolted for the hills. Unable to abandon him, the Crossed Swords wheeled and rode down the charging beasts. The air was filled with the stink of troglodytes and the cries of wounded horses, and Pritchard's loyal steed Pennywhistle fell as the last troglodytes succumbed. Martin suggested the party explore the nearby caves for the troglodytes' lair, and- with a grim aspect- Pritchard agreed, adding that all of the troglodytes must die.

The fight through the caverns was brutal- there were many troglodytes, and the company's numbers were depleted. In a final, glorious assault, Pritchard was knocked unconscious, but the Company routed the last of the adult monsters- only to see Jean Francois fall to their dying attacks. Nervously binding their wounds and reviving the one comrade they could, the company set about collecting their ill-gotten treasure and destroying their monstrous hatchery before riding back to Glantri. Chevalise would remain a mysterious rumor.

Losses and Loot

Pritchard's horse, Pennywhistle, perished outside the troglodytes' cave. Jean Francois did not survive the battle within the cave.

For monsters defeated, each PC received 213xp. Each PC received 1,432 gold when the spoils of the evening were divided.

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