G116: Postsession

Postsession page for G116

With a massive (if somewhat smelly) haul from the Trogolodytes nest, the party makes a variety of wise investments…


  1. Martin will pay Millipede additional wages of 200gp from his share of the treasure. At this point Millipede will have blown close to 300gp in the last few weeks, presumably he has kitted himself out with dashing new digs, and gotten his Millipede helm polished to a warm glow.
  2. After witnessing their might in the field, Martín will procure a war orse, tack, barding and a lance (I'll assume book value of 400gp for the lot).
  3. In addition, Martín will seek out a source for a more tenacious battle goat for Millipede to ride, in the wake of his previous mount's cowardly actions in battle with the Troglodytes. [Battle Goat, 200gp. AC 7, 2HD, move is 120' (40'), Attack: Butt, 1d6].
  4. Martín will put out a call for additional Goblin Knights to rally to his cause (as outlined in the "retainers" section of the rulebook). He will invest up to 200gp to send goblin pages around to the city. He will make clear that all candidates must be of the highest moral character, brave in battle, and eager to earn vast fortunes.

Quen, did your tabluations include the sale of the night goblin bracelets? These sometimes value out higher than just silver alone.


Ah! But the best of us has fallen!

Roland is affected by the death of his loyal henchman, Jean-Francois. He is filled with gratitude that Jean-Francois, a veteran of the Siege of Gantelet, would so willingly countermand his patron's orders and give his life in the service to his lord (this occurred on the 2nd or 3rd to last round of G116 after Jean-Francois reentered the melee with the Troglodytes with 1hp remaining to draw some attacks from Roland, who only had 2hp remaining. Roland made it, J-F, not.) Roland is driven to reward this loyalty in a manner befitting a true hero of the Company! To wit:

1) Roland will spend 100gp to have Jean-Francois' armor, sword, and shield mounted with a plaque that reads: "The honors of Jean-Francois le Tueur de Rat. Soldier of Glantri, veteran of the Siege of Gantelet, retainer for the House of Zanzibar, true hero of the Company of Crossed Swords. Died: August 11, 210 protecting Roland Wolfric, Lord Zanzibar from troglodytes. May he ever rest in the arms of Trianoma."

You procure the labor of a skilled artisan for the purpose. The display will be delivered to Malinbois several days hence.

2) Roland will pen 'The Ballad of Jean-Francois le Tueur de Rat' - a short recounting of the final days of J-F (text to follow). He will hire a handful of traveling bards - to the tune of 200gp - to recite this short epic in their travels throughout Glantri and beyond

Fellow members of the Company deem Roland's initial effort rather catchy. Robert Hazart notes that it seems a bit lacking in the classical references one expects from an aristocratic author, though this is to be expected from rural gentry like the Zanzibars. Roland may send forth his minstrels now, or refine the ballad further before he proceeds.

3) Roland will find Jean-Francois' widow and children. He will give them 700gp as means of recompense for loss of father and husband, in the hopes that this sum will set them for life, or at least some years until the widow finds a new husband. He will kneel down to Jean-Francois' son, put his hands on his shoulders, and say, "When you are a man and if you desire you father's arms and amour, come find me. I shall vouchsafe them until you are of age in a place of high honor in my house."

Jean-Francois's widow is honored by Roland's efforts and grateful for the compensatory funds. His 10-year-old eldest son nods gravely at the offer of arms and a place among the Zanzibars. "I will," he says.

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