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Sell things! Haggle for prices! Find sages who know what you have collected!


Peugeot is intrigued by the raw gemstones. "They're slightly small, but I think they could be cut into a fine set of cufflinks- or maybe set off a pair of earrings. Star rubies have been out of fashion for some time, but these things are fickle. You could try to find a jeweller, but I can offer you 1,000 gold coins for the pair. I'd also be happy to simply deduct 125 coins from that total to investigate your potion, if you can wait a bit."

After a half hour of watching Peugeot focusing light from an array of mirrors at the flask, carefully ticking off the resulting refraction on a piece of parchment, and consulting a large tome of charts and lists, Peugeot slaps the table in frustration. He maneuvers a pipette over the flask, extracting a tiny bead of liquid, and inhales deeply over the flask. Vexed, he releases the droplet onto a silvered dish, noting its viscosity, and with a sudden furtive movement licks the droplet off the dish. "Of course! Lemon blossom. This, my friends, is a potion of levitation."

Millus the Enthused

Millus arches an eyebrow as Hanna and Roland unpack the enchanted arms. "Do you not recognize the sword? I suppose the southerners are less concerned with Vales. My fee for history lessons is nominal, but I would like to…. if you don't mind?" Millus hefts the greatsword up, and chortles as it flashes before him. Before Roland can react, Millus swings wildly- narrowly missing his customers and neatly slicing several stacked ledgers in two. "This is Judgement! The Hexarch Guillemot Ripert carried this blade on his march into the Eastern Vales when they still threatened Glantri- they called him 'the Grim'. He rarely negotiated, if you catch my meaning. It's not only sharp and true… look how it flashes! It wants to strike! The pommel hints at its identity, but the inscription is legendary in certain circles. How did you wrangle it from the Hexarchy?"

Judgement is a two-handed sword +1 that allows its wielder to roll initiative normally.

"The chain is of Darokinese make… been off to the wars, have you? Glad to see trophies parading through my shop, and not some filthy clerkship in Corunglain. Still, they know how to forge a link- look how freely it moves. Very nice, for superstitious bureaucrats. This badge on the shoulder… this coat was a reward for valor. A captain, if I'm not mistaken."

The chain mail has a +1 enchantment.

"The mace is somewhat trickier. Not military, obviously." Millus wipes a hand off on his sleeve, and grins conspiratorially at Roland. "What did you have to wash off, I wonder? In any case, I'll need to resort to some spellwork for this piece." Millus slides the handle of the mace through the center of a polished wooden wheel set over a ring of smooth round stones. He spins the wheel, and begins murmuring a spell. Lights dance over the surface of the mace's crystal… blue, then white, then green, then red, then yellow and purple. Millus looks perplexed. "It has a light martial enchantment, and I'm sure the crystal is as hard as any steel. There may be something else, but it's a difficult piece of work. The crystal appears to be quartz and ocean jasper… Perhaps when the war is over, someone from the South would know more?"

Millus identifies a +1 enchantment to the mace

"An invigorating afternoon's work, my good lord and lady. And a bargain, I think, for such interesting tasks: 550 gold, and my thanks for a trial with your blade!"


Ja is going to find a small lake/large pond outside Malinbois and attempt to sanctify it for Umberly. He's going to spend 350g on bags of salt and chickens (if he can't find enough salt he'll buy things like imported fish or small pearls or more chickens or whatever instead until he hits the 350g mark), which he will take out to the pond. He will dump the salt into the pond, bless it, then rope the chickens to himself and march down to the pond's bottom, where he will pray to Umberly and attempt a consecration ritual. Once he's finished with that he'll spend the remainder of the night at the pond's bottom with the mace, meditating on its true nature and invoking Umberly and his own hallucinatory ties to Chaos for assistance.

The hours march over the grisly scene at the bottom of the pond, as Ja meditates on the slightly iron scent of the water in his throat. He is surrounded by death: The tethered chicken corpses float motionless in the depths, and the plants and fish native to the pond have inexorably suffocated in the newfound brine. A handful of tiny, multicolored pearls lay scattered on the floor of the pond, winking up at Ja in a cold mockery of the eyes of the pond's former inhabitants. The hastening light of the evening gives way to a cold dark, pierced occasionally by a moonbeam illuminating the still remains in the water. Suddenly, there is a brighter flash, and a deep rumble. The sound of raindrops on the surface of the pondwater reminds Ja of the churning waves of the south seas, and he slips into a remembrance of his first unholy communion with Umberlee. A scene unfolds in Ja's mind- A star plummeting into the sea, crystallizing in an underwater steam cloud centuries ago; an earthquake pushing the crystal near the ocean's surface thunderstorm; a thunderbolt pulverizing all but the secret heart of that stone. This thing becomes a totem of many primal forces and arcane secrets- the storms themselves want their handiwork returned to them, the skies cry out for their lost eye, the seas clamor for the salt gem birthed in their waters, the earth hungers for a lost part of itself chipped away. Umberlee is pleased that her servant has taken possession of the stone, knows that its briny tears are all the mourning its victims' souls will know. Ja knows he must protect it, and wait for Umberlee's instructions… and then Ja wakes, lying on the edge of the pond late in the next afternoon.

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