G114: Displacer-Wizards and War-Dogs

Date: 8 march 2012
DM: Charlatan
PCs: Audrey, Inky Mike, Martin, Pritchard, Roland
Retainers: Jean-Francois, Clarembaut d'Erewan, Millipede the Greazy


On the surface of Thelchineau isle…

  • We plunged back into Thelchineau manor, a dilapidated manse on an riverine islet near Glantri city.
  • While exploring the surface, we defeated and skinned two displacer beasts and a horde of giant rats (and let me tell you partner, Jean-Francois HATES him some rats!)

Into the shroomy depths

  • Trekking deeper we discovered a room of shrieker mushrooms and barely pulled Pritchard away from another immersion into the narcotic spoors produced therein.
  • We passed through a confluence of strangely glowing portals and a room full of eerie black powder, but didn't notice any particular effect
  • Trekking deeper below the surface, we began to notice creepy albino ivy sprouting from the wall, despite the absence of light
  • In an effort to rescue the phantom voice of one "Cennis ", Pritchard was sucked into a magic mirror buried beneath a pile of rubble!
  • Martín busted the mirror, unleashing a pair of rude arachno-humanoids, several rats (which Jean-Francois really disliked), Inky Mike (hello!), a roughly clad sort who promptly scurried off, and not one, but TWO Pritchard Hoods!
  • Also disgorged were three Civil War-era figures : 2 champions of noble houses, Clarembaut d'Erewan and Virart Thelchineau, resuming their years old duel to the death. Also, the wizard whose voice we followed, identifying himself as Cennis d'Invernesse.
  • After the other escapees were dealt with, we attempted to resolve the conflict between the two knights, trapped in the mirror for over 30 years! While Clarembaut d'Erewan seemed a pretty good sort, Virart Thelchineau was a total dick, so we took his boots and all his stuff and sent him packing! I suspect that's the last we'll see of him.

The room of vines

  • Pressing deeper, the vines got thicker until we entered a big set piece room with vines hanging from the ceiling, a nasty wizard-displacer beast, his human wizard familiar, and another displacer beast.
  • Through Pritchard's clever use of his magic staff, the mage-displacer was trapped between a cube of rock and a cube of meat.
  • Millipede defeated the wizard-type with a magic arrow, he turned out to be one of the scions we set out to find - success!
  • The lesser displace was webbed, but not slain
  • As the party made their escape, Roland was Polymorphed by the wizard-beast into a war-dog! While the faithful hound seems to retain some semblance of his memories and has not objected to the leash, we needs must seek to restore our noble fighter!
  • It seems like there may be another party of adventurers snooping around the manor.

Enemies Defeated

In the Gardens: 2 displacer beasts (killed). In the Gardens: 8 giant rats (killed). Magic Mirror Room: 1 doppelganger (killed), 2 spider-men (killed), 2 giant rats (killed 1), 1 grubby-looking fellow (escaped), 2 civil-war era captains (released), 1 civil-war era wizard (escaped). In the Gallery of Vines: 1 displacer beast (escaped), 1 sorcerous displacer beast (escaped), 1 Rouen Thelchineau (captured/rescued)

Losses and Loot

Roland was polymorphed into a wardog by a sorcerous displacer beast.

Treasure collected includes: Rouen, his magic skullcap, and his two silver daggers. A moonstone sphere, bigger than a fist (valued at 1100 gp. 6 identical, knuckle-sized opals (valued at 600gp total). The possessions of Virart Thelchineau (?). Some loose change (12gp, 20sp).

Total GP Value: 1712gp> Total XP for monsters defeated: XXxp.
Full share: 285gp, XXxp. Half share: 142gp, XXxp

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