G114 Postsession

Open Items post-G114:

  • Disposition of gems
  • Likewise the displacer hides (1 pristine, 1 damaged)
  • The return of Rouen and Virart Thelchineau
  • The duel between Clarembaut and Virart

Pritchard Hood

Disposition of gems

Someone else can deal with Rouen, though before Pritchard leaves he will make a point of being sure Rouen is still alive and securely bound. Peugeot, well known for his discretion, should be our first stop for the gems.

Peugeot chuckles as he squints through his loupe at the moonstone sphere: "Quite lovely! A well-formed sphere of intriguing translucency is always in demand in a city of scryers, even with the war on. The opals…," he removes the monocle and examines one in the light, "frankly, a bit gaudy. Still, nice size. No real marks. I think I can offer you 1530 for the lot."

Disposition of the Displacer Beast Hides

Pritchard will attempt to sell the displacer beast hides. He would like to offer them to Panthalion the Fleshcrafter if he's interested; otherwise the usual fences purveyors of salvage can be consulted.


Return of Rouen and Virart Thelchineau

Monfils attends to your delegation in the upper floors of Thelchineau House. After some hours pass with Rouen on the lower floors, he returns: "Gentlemen! Well done! I must confess, Grandfather Alenard had some doubts as to your loyalties- we discovered some family heirlooms had been sold in Les Bas, and assumed… well, you are a bit rakish in appearance! We assumed the worst motivations, and I am glad we are proven wrong in our estimations of you! Did you find anything to take as a reward in your sorties below the manor?"

"Rouen is in a… difficult… situation. He is appears to have some connection to a sorcerous beast, and my elders fear that simply severing it would be traumatic. Grandfather Alenard believes that the monster may break the bond voluntarily if some weeks go by, though it may also mean another young wizard falls victim to his charms. We might go to the authorities, but that Blyde character is so harsh in his judgments…." Monfils pauses, waiting for a reply. "Well, that's a matter for my wiser relations."

"Virart is another difficult case. We believe we have convinced him to make a good citizen of himself, in these different times, and there's no firm evidence against him. Except, we understand, the Erewan captain imprisoned with him. Virart is quite determined to fight him- it's so strange! There's been no one trained to use the family steels in three generations. Still, if the Erewan boy cannot be swayed, we can only hope that the victor shows some mercy to the vanquished. Perhaps one of your company's swordsmen would stand with Virart at the duel? Plead with him to stay his hand at the end?"

The Duel of Clarembaut and Virart

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