G113 Postsession

Organizing plans, etc. following G113: Siege of Gantelet

Martín Le Black

Once any formalities have been concluded in the aftermath of the battle. Martín will seek a meeting with the High Hexarchs and chief lore keepers of the Gantelet. The Black Swordsman seeks any insight that the Hexarchy may offer in his quest to draw the sword of light known as Darkbane.

Martín will give the priests some background on his plight. He will relate the tale of his death, meeting with Trianoma, and subsequent conversion to the path of Law. He will continue to describe some of the great and Lawful acts he and the company have performed on behalf of the church of late (in all modesty, of course), concluding with their discovery of the lost temple of Law beneath the cursed Chateau.

“I have died and been born again. I met Trianomma herself, she looked upon me, spoke to me, and accepted my oath to return to this earth as her avenging blade. By her divine provenence, she then saw fit to set the blade in front of me. Clearly, this was a challenge, a test of my faith and ability as her servant. This angel put before me a quest to prove my worth to bear the blade, a riddle to test both my faith and my lawful rigor.”

Is there any insight the warrior-priests and scholars might offer? If needed, Le Black has up to 250 gp which he might be willing to tithe if it seems it may get him closer to his goal.

The day is long. Bodies are retrieved for burial; the switchback road is cleared, and laden carts are brought up to resupply the citadel.

Three of the six High Hexarchs meet with Martin that evening in a six-sided audience chamber. After Martin speaks his piece, the Third Hexarch, an elderly man named Goscelin, shakes his head. "This does not sound like a trick of Chaos," he says, "but rather a test of faith, as you say. If this is true, then it is not a matter of arcane secrets and hidden lore. If you are worthy, you will solve the riddle."

The First Hexarch, the burly Lothaire, nods. "If Trianoma has set you this challenge, then it falls to you to confront it. If you cannot — or will not — master the riddle, then we of the Hexarchy shall attempt its retrieval. Be swift, for the Church is in need and we cannot delay in acquiring such a weapon."

(As an aside, I suspect that the real reason we were unable to grab the blade was that Robert was present and he was chaotic - the blade will attempt to destroy chaos, and the angel was attempting to prevent intra-party killing. That said, I want to pursue any additional info we can on the blade. Perhaps this idea can be subtly posited and confirmed/disconfirmed?)

"Possible, but unlikely," says Hexarch Goscelin. "And easily tested."

Roland, Lord Zanzibar

After securely binding the three mounted knights captured by the Company of Crossed Swords in the Siege of Gantelet (the fourth was killed the round before the retreat was sounded), Roland assures them they will come to no harm as long as they do not attempt to escape. He will ask each of them their names, and the locations of their families. Being thorough, Roland will attempt to make contact with any Darokinese heralds or ambassadors to the Hexarchs (or otherwise) that perhaps are in the area, or under the hospitality of Gantelet itself. During the period of time that the CCoS stays at Gantelet, he requests that he be permitted to keep the three knights in the Gantelet donjon until he can arrange for their ransom. He will check on the prisoners daily, ensuring they are well fed and cared for.

The one captured knight, Osmer Trett is the second son of an old Darokinese family of rural gentry from the Arbandrine valley in the far southwest of the country. Efforts to make contact with his family will be slow at best.

Having interest in the teachings of the Hexarchy, as a more militant arm of the Trianomman church, Roland will attend mass and speak with the monks to gain a better understanding of the tenets of the Hexarch faith. If possible, he will attend a training or sparring session with the monks as a means of sharing martial knowledge — both teaching and learning.

Whang! Clang! An afternoon spent sparring with plate-armored Hexalytes proves grueling. Roland acquits himself well, however, having honed his reflexes and learned many martial tricks in his many battles.

Finally, Roland will attend to the matter of Jean-Francois, the last surviving footman, who agreed to enter into service with House Zanzibar. Roland will explain that his duties will include squire, color-guard, and occasional valet to Lord Zanzibar, as well as torchbearer/henchman for the Company of Crossed Swords, as need dictates (with appropriate "danger" remuneration). Roland offer Jean-Francois the princely sum of 10gp per month (three times the cost of a "heavy footman" mercenary, and equal to a "light horseman"), to compensate for the extra duties he will be required to perform.

Jean-Francois finds the base remuneration more than satisfactory, and will be honored to serve in whatever fashion Lord Zanzibar requires. However, he insists that any arrangement include the return of his body to the Temple of Trianoma in the event of his death, along with payment of funeral expenses and the funding of an annual prayer for his soul to be held in perpetuity by the priestesses. "I've no family left," he says, "and no one to pray for me once I'm gone."

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