G112: Eternal War Below

Date: 23 Feb 2012
PCs: Audrey, Barnaby, Cut, Ja'Tubis, Martin, Pritchard and Roland
DM: Quendalon


Brief foray down into the dragon tower

The company set out to explore the dungeons beneath the Dragon Tower. The Dragon Tower is different than the others: a hollow shaft with an enormous ladder descending into nigh-unfathomable depths below the surface. After briefly inspecting the structure at the surface and deciding that it looked "unprofitable", Pritchard Hood decided to scout out the central shaft. He took up his magically lit staff and, after a brief incantation, took to the air. Pritchard flew down, gradually losing the sense of scale that would have allowed him to estimate the depth of the shaft, until finally discovering a partially collapsed cavern. He briefly considered exploring the cavern itself, when the light from his staff was reflected back in a pair of large, reptilian eyes. Uninterested in testing the hospitality of a dragon in its lair, Pritchard returned to the surface.

Down to the 3rd level below Alienor's

Unsettled by the prospect of a dragon attacking them, the party quickly marched over to Alienor's Tower, entry site of their most recent efforts in the chateau.

The eternal battle between the Fulvienne and Ambreville captains, and the skeletal forces at their command

On the third level beneath Alienor's Tower, the party discovered an enormous gallery in which two undead forces waged an unending war against each other- clearly some eternal reprisal of the final assaults on the chateau during the civil war. The invading forces were led by Gallard de Fulvienne, the defenders by Lydiane d'Ambreville. Unlike their skeletal foot soldiers, the captains retained both the rudiments of their arms and a spectral form about them. The party attempted to reconcile the cursed captains, explaining that there was no war left to fight, but their arguments were for naught. While most of the party shrank from the Ambreville captain's hostilities, Martin drew his enchanted weapons and met her assault head-on. A tense display of puissance followed, with all appearances of a bleak outcome as Lydiane drained Martin's vital energies away. However- perhaps buoyed the sincere if ineffectual attempts of his comrades to intercede with silver daggers and such- Martin won the day. An air of civility settled over the room, and the captains' remains were consigned to the bag of holding until the could be returned to their respective heads of family.

A spell-flinging bugbear and his attendant zombies

Soon after, the party found a long-abandoned parlor in which the decorative tapestries and geegaws had been heaped into an enormous pile. The heap was presided over by a small pac of zombies. A rustle in the mound of textiles became the interrogating voice of someone called Gristlerip, but the parley was short lived and Gristlerip attacked. Flinging electrical discharges from a wand, the bugbear nearly struck Cut unconscious in a single blow, while Ja'Tubis and Audrey dispatched his zombie attendants. A dangerous battle ensued, with electric bolts flying to and fro, but the bugbear was eventually wounded enough to flee. Being somewhat fleeter of foot, Martin ran the bugbear down and slew him before any of the party could fall victim to the wand again.

Losses and Loot

The bodies and belongings of the Gallard Fulvienne and Lydiane d'Ambreville, returned to their families in Caurenze and Glantri City (respectively). A magical wand of lightning, a necromantic spellbook and a magical quill, lifted from Gristlerip the Bugbear. A bag of coins and a gold necklace from same.

For enemies defeated and treasures expended, each party member received 870xp. The sale of the necklace combined with the coin yielded 82gp per party member. Martin bravely fended off the attacks of Lidianne the wraith, losing two life levels in the process.

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