G112 Postsession

Organizing plans, etc. following G112: Eternal War Below

Cut Coutelain

Cut accompanies his stalwart comrade Martin to Glantri to aid him in the quests laid before him by the Temple of Trianoma. While the myrmidon consults with the clergy, Cut drops in on Hamfist for some coaching on one of the darker aspects of burrow-boxing: More effective use of the off-hand knife.

What does Cut want to focus on — offense? Defense? Speed? Something else?

Charlatan says: I think my DM's head might pop if Cut develops more defensive abilities. I was thinking offense, but I'll be interested in hearing what you have to say about speed.

A couple of offensive options:

  • An add'l +1 'to hit'/+2 damage while wielding the off-hand knife.
  • Instead of the +1 'to hit' bonus for two-weapon fighting, gain an add'l attack/round when doing nothing but engaging in melee; this add'l attack is with the off-hand knife.
  • Whenever Cut drops an opponent in melee while fighting with two weapons, he gets an additional melee attack.

Louis Lamont

Louis grows increasingly anxious about not knowing what some of his most valuable possessions are. He finally hatches a scheme, and pens a letter to Richard Loubeau with an offer: If the dabbler will fully fund Lamont's pursuit of the read magic spell, Louis will give him his pick of three mysterious sealed scrolls.

Richard responds that this is acceptable, with a proviso: Lamont can work under the supervision of Pritchard Hood in the reading room at the Marais manor, or he can travel to Glantri City to work at the Temple and be supervised by Richard. Richard also writes Pritchard, describing the situation and asking him to evaluate the scrolls in his stead if Lamont deciphers them in Malinbois. Louis is eager to begin, so he sobers up as best he is able, and approaches Pritchard Hood with his letter.

Pritchard Hood's investigation reveals that the scrolls bear the following spells: read languages, sleep, locate object.

Martín Le Black

The bright morning sun seems to burn into his skull as Martin lays on his straw pallet in the Weary Pilgrim Inn. Though he’s consumed nothing stronger than watered wine with his evening meal, the touch of the wraith has left him as wracked as the cruelest hangovers from his days of debauchery. Groaning slowly to his feet, Martin will collect Cut, Richard and any other pious companions who wish to journey to the Temple of Trianomma for a meeting with Camilla. Recalling her offer after Roland Zanzibar’s draining, Martin will seek to embark on a holy crusade that might earn him the services of one of the more senior clerics of the church in an effort to gain the powers of Trianomma’s Restoration.

While it is likely superfluous, Martín will recall to them his meeting in the afterlife with the Goddess Trianomma herself, and his most holy charge to act as a warrior of law upon this world. He will also share the story of how the noble company escorted the many spirits of the restless dead to their slumber, and most lawfully returned the corpses of the wraiths to their rightful resting place, supporting Trianomma’s divine aristocracy. While he cannot guarantee the full services of the Company of Crossed Swords, Martin is certain he can rally a team of brave souls to fight Chaos wherever it may lurk.

Matriarch Josephine is present at the temple. Busy as she is with preparations to travel south into the war zone, she agrees to meet with Martin. She listens to what he has to say sympathetically. "I can restore some measure of your lost life essence," she says, "but the magic is very draining, and I will not be able to discharge my responsibilities for some time. We are preparing to break the siege of Gantelet, and I am to be there to support our forces with my magic. I may be able to arrange to withdraw from the expedition — but you and your companions would have to take my place." She looks thoughtful. "Or you may accompany the expedition yourself, as a warrior of the Church. Acquit yourself well and you will have Trianoma's blessing. But this may remove you from the company of your compatriots for some time."

After the meeting with the larger group, Martín will drop by Peugeot's mystical marketplace, where he would seek to speak with the portly purveyor of puissance on the subject of magic armor. He will demonstrate the fine qualities of his current armor (chain+1 of feather fall) and ask if Peugot happens to have a line on any enchanted full plate armor, and what the cost of such an artifact might be. Though Karvenn's Dandelion armor yet bears great emotional significance, his repeated encounters with deadly effects at the hands of monsters makes him desirous of more protections (indeed, he would even consider trading the fine golden armor away for some sturdier stuff).

Peugeot shakes his head sadly. "Such a thing, it would be hard to come by under normal circumstances," he says. "But with ze war? Very unlikely indeed, I fear. But if you have something of sufficient value to trade… well, I will make ze enquiries, if you let me know what you might have to offer."

Martín would be willing to trade the Dandelion armor, suggesting that the feather fall enchantment may add to the value bringing it up to par with some enchanted plate.

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