G110: Mouseguard

Date: 9 Feb 2012
DM: Quendalon
PCs: Ja'Tubis, Roland, Pritchard, Audrey, Cut, Robert Hazart


Goin' Back to Glantri

Ja'Tubis rolled on a table to see how he fared in trying to return North through the war-torn border lands.

2d6 Your Fate
2 Grisly Death
3 Imprisonment
4 Maiming
5 Debt
6-8 Delays (try again later)
9-11 Timely Arrival
12 Something Awesome

Luckily, he rolled a 9, and was able to foray into the Chateau.

The Chateau

After some discussion the Company decided that with only five members of their intrepid band, they'd be better off playing it safe. And then Robert Hazart, the damned wizard showed up! We played it safe anyway. The decision was made to concentrate on exploration of the upper levels of the dungeon, with the hopes on connecting tunnel A to staircase B, hallway C to secret door D, and in so doing figure out what the heck was ever going on!

The mapping went fairly well through a number of scorched and barricaded rooms, though the Company seemed to have stumbled upon a continuous supply of shadows that feasted most greedily on our weakest members. Flaming skeletons and zombies attacked, accompanied by even more shadows, but a combination of turning, force of arms, and bravery won through. Our heroes plunged further into the Chateau, hoping to find some treasure, but found instead a room full of shriekers which they chose to leave undisturbed. Daunted and frustrated by the endless shadows, one half of the party convinced the other half to continue on, exciting their imaginations with glory and treasure to be won.

And glory they would have! Breaking into an abandoned storeroom, Cut Coutelain furtively lifted the lid on an unopened crate and carefully peered within. He was met with a hail of miniature toothpick-arrows into the eye, which caused him to rub at it with agitation. Sensing danger, Roland leap immediately into the fray and splintered the crate with one mighty blow! Tiny rat man bodies scattered in all directions as the High Cavalier smote the rodent-knights to ruin! The were worth 0xp.

Forging on, the CoCS came upon a ferrety-looking gentleman by the name of Conrad who spoke rat-man-language, knew the way to a secret cult room, and spoke of a "dark place" far below where the shadows were thicker than wheat in the field. We asked if he wasn't talking about two rooms behind us.

The Company bade Conrad to lead them to the cult's secret chamber, so that they might desecrate the crap out of it for the greater glory of Trianomma. Attaining the chamber, they found it dedicated to the demon-god of gluttony Saebos, who most hospitably still had dinner on the fire, and it smelled delicious! Remembering her vows to battle fell powers despite their tasty treats, Audrey strode forth and upbraided the bubbling cauldron from its perch, extinguishing the flame. Ja'Tubis, lamenting the loss of such a sumptuous meal, hungrily licked the sauce from the lip of the cauldron. Spicy!

Continuing the desecration, the Company began to pound away at the bas relief of Saebos, hoping to dislodge a few pieces to bring back to the Temple of Triannoma as trophies of war. What they did not intend was to wake the fire salamander acting as hot water heater for the dungeon. It careened from its hiding place and into the guts of the party, scalding the magic users and clawing at the fighters. Pritchard Hood webbed it momentarily while Audrey loosed her Bolts of Seff again and again into the creature's steaming, scaly hide. As the heavies cringed, Audrey pounded away, finally felling the beast with one last glowing javelin to the eye.

The curiously persuasive rat-man survivors of Roland's previous assault convinced the party to escort them further into the dungeon, to their "mother". Perhaps urged by some misguided sense of charity, or perhaps by the whiff of a quick kill and a pile of gold, the adventurers relented. The rat-men lead them into the former aviary, which was now a densely populated night goblin nest. The rats fled. The party blanched. Realizing they were not truly prepared for a battle fof this magnitude, the Company decided to quit the dungeon, escaping with naught but their lives.

  • Connecting several maps, fighting many shadows
  • Fighting some flaming skeletons, and more shadows
  • Zombies in a hallway
  • Shreikers in a closet
  • Mouseguard
  • A Ferret-like German guy
  • Desecrating the secret altar to Saebos
  • Fighting a salamander

Losses and Loot

No casualties! No levels drained! No loot! We escorted the sentient mice to their old neighborhood, and got Conrad out of the dungeon. Each party member received 168xp. We decided not to sell the talking mice into pet-slavery.

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