G10: The Halls Of Wizardry

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This session was played on August 6, 2009, featuring Arnhelm, Colin, Golkar the Stout, Hamish the Dim, Kang, Koralie, Larissa, Monterey Jack and Uda Grimwulde.


[Note: This summary was provided by Kang's player, James_Nostack. Some statements may not be entirely accurate.]

Several sessions ago, Hamish the Dim sent Colin the Halfling Veteran on a pilgrimage to the Shrine of the BOSS with a sack of gold. When Colin returned to the Keep on the Borderlands he reported that the BOSS had vanished, and the graves of Immortus and Black Water had been desecrated.

This blasphemy outraged Hamish and Colin, and they immediately declared a quest to retrieve their petrified messiah. Motivated by religious fervor, greed, anti-goblin animus, or plain foolhardiness, seven other adventurers joined the mission.

Colin astutely reasoned that as there were no clues to the BOSS's disappearance he could be anywhere. Therefore, searching the nearby Caves of Chaos was as logical a first step as any other place, and involved far less travel. The party of halfwitted crusaders set out at once, with Bill the Mule bearing an impressive 25 flasks of flaming oil.

This sojourn to the Caves involved

  • A battle against emerald cat-beasts (Uda and Kang were nearly slain)
  • Politely withdrawing from a band of Gnolls who demanded the carcasses of the cat-beasts they'd hunted
  • Bartering with snivelling Kobolds, using cat-beast steaks to get a lead on the BOSS-nappers
  • Investigating a rune-marked temple-complex in the Caves of Chaos, leading to a pitched battle against a horde of Undead and the slaughter of unarmed heretics
  • Courageously running away before the heretics could regroup and mount a proper defense
  • Courageously running away even more when horrid demon-beetles assaulted us

Heroes of Note include

  • Hamish, our leader who wields the power of the BOSS
  • Colin, who pocketed the 500 gold pieces and may have been lying about the BOSS's disappearance
  • Monterey Jack, who murdered a cat-beast and carved out a steak
  • Kang, who ventured courageously forward in spite of being nearly dead
  • Uda, who nearly died only once
  • Koralie, who saved Uda's life and repelled many undead
  • Larissa, who must have done something useful
  • Arnhelm, who devised clever stratagems to defeat the heretics, not expecting us to run away instead
  • Golkar, who mistook Bill for a donkey and bartered with Kobolds
  • Bill, who carried 25 flasks of oil like an enormous flammable pinata, yet survived unscathed

Losses & Loot
Our heroes slew two emerald cat-things, eight zombies, two mysterious robed men and four dragonfly-centipedes; two more fellows in robes fled the party's might. The party obtained five mysterious amulets (four from the undead and one from a robed man's corpse), four books containing writings of a seemingly magical nature and a jumble of household items worth 15gp, 7sp.

For creatures defeated and treasures earned over the course of the session, each party member received 46xp.

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