G109: The Cruelest Three XP

Date: Feb 2, 2012
DM: Quendalon
PCs: Audrey Carcassone, Cut Coutelain, Pritchard Hood, Pigshit Pat, Roland Zanzibar, and (in Darokin) Ja'Tubis

Part I: Umberlee is Paid Her Due

Ja'Tubis finds himself in Athenos, looking for three poor souls to sacrifice to Umberlee. The local priestess of Umberlee, Junia, is rather pointedly unhelpful. Ja instead turns to a local press gang, with intention of sacrificing the kidnappers themselves via a hold person. Things do not work out this way: Ja finds himself in a melee when he has no payment for the gang, divested of armor and unable to cast. Fortunately, he still wields the Hammer of Lilith, and the gang disperses after he pulps the head of one of their number. Unfortunately for Ja, this leaves him with the three innocents the gang had collected as his sacrifices. He loads them, bound and gagged, into a wagon and drives them to the docks. Once there, he makes a deal with the phenomenally unsavory Captain Jacosy of the Pink Moon, who aids him in the delivery of the three victims to the isle of Umberlee's idol. After a scuffle with rats and a half-hearted attempt to repair Umberlee's statue, Ja finally uses his hold person to quell the resistance of the boy, the codger, and the moon-eyed stonemason destined to drown. Thus did Ja gain three experience points for "enemies" defeated.

Part II: The B Team Explores Alienor's Depths

Pritchard Hood leads a somewhat less formidable team into the Chateau on his return than he did on his departure. They explore the second floor of the dungeon beneath Alienor's tower, discovering the chamber pot depot (this actually happened!), and accidentally freeing some bound entity in the form of a talking black cat named Brax. On the upside, they retrieved a number of tapestries and carpets, and Cut discovered a secret cache of gems in a wardrobe that contained an ioun stone. Along the way, they fought 2 shadows, 4 goblins and their hobgoblin lieutenant, and drove off a wight and his zombie followers as well as a pack of ghouls.

Losses and Loot

Tapestries, a carpet, some parlor furniture, a collection of pipes, 1 silver bracer, 1 box of valuable cigars, and a velvet bag of gems including an ioun stone of spell absorption. The total value of the loot was 1570g, all of which was either spent or smoked by the session's end.

The party members each received 51xp for enemies defeated, and paid 24g each on top of the haul into attempts to identify magic items. The smoked cigars and spent monies yielded another 338xp. The total xp share for the session was 389xp.

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