G108: Carousing and Intersession

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Deeply moved by their meeting with Theril the Guide in the Lost Shrine, several members of the Company of Crossed Swords will ride for Glantri city, seeking an audience with Camilla, and perhaps any of her superiors who might be interested to hear of this momentous discovery.

Martín le Black

As the audience concludes, Martín will seek council with an appropriate representative of the Church to enquire after the Lightblade (sp?) that Finael guards. This might be a resident expert on holy weapons, a senior agent of the Hexarchy, or a keeper of the vaults. If no such experts are on hand, Martín will request the assistance of one or more seminary students to go out and gather research from the old texts of the church and the Glantri Library (he will borrow a library pass from his fellow party members to secure access, awarded to the party for their work in the Stygian Stacks). Martin has 130gp that he is willing to tithe if it seems this might help his chances at securing this information.

Martin would seek to discover…

  • A general history of the blades, when they were forged, by whom, how many, etc.
  • Any information on the unique powers of the blades.
  • Any tests or requirements demanded of those who wield the blades
  • Any stories surrounding a champion killing a friend, fellow or party member to earn the right to bear the blade (Quen, would it be possible for you to confirm the exact language that Theril used around this?)

Camellia accepts the tithe and asks Martin to return in three days' time. When he returns, she says that the weapon in question is most likely the sword Darkbane, which passed from the Church's possession two centuries ago during Matriarch Alaundra's reign. No further information on the subject of 'lightblades' is immediately available. If Martin's interest is sufficient (as shown by further tithes), she will transfer an acolyte from other duties to search the temple archives for further references. She recommends the monastery at Gantelet as an alternative source of information, as the Hextants are knowledgeable in the matter of blessed weapons.

(Martin spends 130gp and earns 130xp.)

Richard Loubeau

Shuffling back to his cell with one text on the ancient tongue of Law and another treatise on the efficacy of its glyphic style in the recording of arcane scrolls, Richard overhears the exchange between Martin and Camellia. "Lady Camellia," he offers, juggling texts and scrolls, "I would happily fund one of the acolytes in this research. I've worked with several promising scholars practicing meditative arcane calligraphy in the Jardin de Glyphes. Perhaps one of them?"

How much does Richard tithe?

Richard offers up 300g to fund the research.

Roland Wolfric, Lord Zanzibar

Roland, continuing as the de facto face of the secular members of the Company of Crossed Swords, will have joined Martin and Richard at the Temple of Triannoma to report on their findings in the Chateau as well as the chapel of Triannoma / Theia / the Builder. He will again offer his gratitude to the Church for their continuing support of their efforts in the fell Chateau, and the valuable knowledge they have imparted, and continue to impart to the CoCS. Lastly, he will remind them that he is in need of a Restoration, but will not press the issue if the discovery of the chapel is not deemed sufficient.

While he is in Glantri, Roland would like to price out a lot in the aristocratic quarter of the city on which to begin building a new manor or, "Chateau de Zanzibar". He will place up to 1100gp for a down payment. If there are no empty lots upon which to build, he will place the same amount of money on a 'fixer-upper' with the intention of returning it to its former glory.

Roland spends 100gp simply to get an audience with a blue-haired functionary at the House of Ministers. She cackles at his offer to purchase a plot of land in the Nobles Quarter. "You'll be wanting ten times that for such prime territory," she says. "It would be even more, were money not so scarce with the war. And don't even think about a site on Wizards' Hill."

(Roland spends 100gp and earns 100xp.)

Audrey Carcassonne

Audrey proudly shows the rescued Staff of Healing to the clergy of the Temple of Trianoma in Glantri City, speaking much too quickly and excitedly about how this will help her newly lawful companions delve even deeper into the Chateau to locate the awful secrets of the place. She feels the staff is an extension of the wondrous temple to Law that has survived, protected by an Angel, within its confines.

She is troubled, however, about how she best can fight with the staff in hand. She does not relish fighting without a shield. She is quite hardy, but hardly strong, and a shield helps gain purchase for some of her attacks, allowing her to hold off stronger creatures while performing feints and hiding the direction of some of her attacks. The Staff is nearly as tall as she is, if not taller.

She will seek one of the more experienced spearmaidens on premises, if there are any [Note: I forget the names of any of these ladies], to ask how she might be able to carry the staff while fighting, hopefully retaining the shield. She will tithe to the church, of course, but also pay for combat training.

[Worst case is she could ask to carry the Bag of Holding and keep the staff in there.]

Most of the spearmaidens are off to the south, marshaling with the rest of the troops in the battlegrounds of Trintan. The only disciple of Seff currently present at the temple is the spear-priestess Lessandra. She sneers at the Company's spearmaiden; the two are old rivals, and there is no love lost between them.

"Why would you want such a thing?" says Lessandra. "We are warriors, not nurses. If you must use the Piercing One's gifts for healing, do so after battle. When you are in the fray, raise your spear and shield! Strike down the foe! Unless you would rather lay down your arms and turn your back on Seff's blessing…"

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