G107: The Wight Knight and His Lost Ghoulfriend

Date: January the 18th, MMXII
DM: Quendalon
Party: Roland, Charlie Darrowkin, Pigshit Pat, Selphy, Cut Coutelain, Snickwick, Audrey, Barnaby Flanders


A tale told by Snickwick to a pack of gnomelings, Muddlecarp Burrow, Spring 242:

Some of the humans had discovered another entrance into the dungeons, under Alienor’s tower. We went down there to see what we could see. Well, that old Murderrin… uh.. or it was it ‘Elfy’… Rainbow? Anyhow he found a secret door, straight away!
We plumbed down to the second floor. It looked like this area was some kind of barracks, with all the bunks and training areas and armories. We battled all matter of skeletons, shadows, and other dark things. We almost got jumped by one of the smart dead, the soul suckers, but we used my gnomish knowhow to outsmart it and we got away.

In the most northwesterly corner of the second floor, we found a huge tunnel, miles long! We called it “The Northwest Passage” It lead all the way through the hills around the Chateau and came up in a old tower on the edge of the Cemetary… and it was full of GHOULS! Green and slavering, with claws that freeze your blood right in your veins! We battled them up to the top of the tower, up and up until old Barnaby flanders and old Lord Zanzibar tossed them right off off the roof!

We found upon a room of enchanted windows, each looking upon a beautiful vista… but it was all illusion. Pig… uh… Pat and Charlie got into all sorts of trouble jumping through the windows, we got attacked by a magic rope that nearly killed Barnaby Flanders! I really wanted to talk to the hummingbird that was flying around, but all that ruckus scared em off… I wonder what ever happened to that hummingbird…

We searched all over… but I forget what we were looking for… We found another secret door and old Cut got to talking about his Halfling intuition, said we had been there before in another life, something about the jester’s pratfall… that was also were we first found the door with the Water Demon’s mark.

I remember now. We were looking for some furniture. Finally we found it, but it wasn’t easy. We ran into some shadows, and the big humans were pretty banged up… even old Elfy was starting to look a bit rare.

We were just getting back to safety when… an AMBUSCADE! That the soul sucker we chased of early jumped us! He had about a dozen skeletons with him, and I tell you, we just about had it. It was a huge battle, and poor Roland got drained… he’s was laid low… it was a brutal fight in a little curve of hallway, we were caught on the stairs and the skeletons just kept coming. The wight commanding them was wearing full plate, he looked like he may have been one of the D'Ambreville's champions. Once we had defeated them we found a locket on the undead Knight, we all got a bit misty when we found a picture of a young human and an engraving "Bertrand, may our love protect your body and soul - V" … it was actually kind of sad…

Well, we got out anyway… everyone lived that day… and it’s gotten late! All you little ones… of to your nest now… scoot!

Losses and Loot

The party defeated X skeletons, X ghouls, a shadow, a wight and an animated rope. Treasure obtained included a fine but battered table, a couple of fine but battered chairs, a fine rug and eight rapiers.

For enemies destroyed and wealth obtained, each PC gained X gp and X xp.

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