Postsession 107 Planning

A page for resolving the questions and dilemmas of The Wight Knight and his Ghoulfriend. Post your plans, questions and schemes below!

Richard Loubeau

Richard is nervous about Phoebe's spellbooks. They seem very valuable, but also beyond the ken of Company spellcasters for the foreseeable future (excepting, of course, the first three volumes). He and Martin have discussed trying to come to an arrangement with a noble family, bartering the custodianship of the books for some kind of aid (and some access to the books in the future). The natural candidate is the Marais, who have a right of first offer on the books, and have an apparently weak presence of Trianoma in the seat of their principality. Richard is corresponding with the Company via raven for their opinion- he wonders whether they might not wrangle some useful items and, perhaps, a site for the Temple in Malinbois. Thoughts? Should richard consult with Cammelia and Sommelinde? Should we just be hitting the market with these things (I think this might be a bad idea, but…)

Roland Zanzibar

Roland will travel to Glantri City with the intention of speaking with Richard in the hopes of receiving an introduction to one of the higher ups in the Church of Trianomma, as well as a reference as to the nature of his character. His intention will be to beseech the Church for a spell of restoration on the strength of Richard's reference, the still-halcyon glow of the artifacts of Chaos the Company has recently remanded into the custody of the Church, the weight of his "name" and "title", as well as his good looks and winning charm!

Richard's recommendation alone carries little weight, seeing as how Richard only had his big conversion a few weeks ago. Roland's 'noble background' is only slightly more useful, as younger sons of minor nobility are a dime a dozen. Hitching his request to the Company's previous works is also rather weak, as the Bishop is more concerned with what Roland himself has done for the Church lately. But Roland's persuasive gifts eventually suffice for the Bishop to unbend a little. Roland may receive his restoration for only half of the traditional price for a hero of his caliber! He need pay only 20,000gp instead of 40,000gp.1 Naturally, even this fee may be waived in exchange for some service to the Church…

"Twenty thousand, you say? Your mercy and generosity certainly knows no bounds, Your Holiness!" Roland exclaims without a hint of sarcasm,"If you'll allow me but an hour or so, I shall withdraw the sum from my family's private vault." With that, he turns crisply on his heel and starts for the door, then stops. Turning slowly and thoughtfully back to the bishop he adds, "On second thought Your Grace, you've allowed me a great opportunity. One to further our goals, and bring glory to both the Church of Trianomma, and House Zanzibar! By the thrice-aspected, I shall accept your offer! What service might you deem worthy?"

Sommelinde regards Roland with narrowed eyes. "Bring back more tools of Chaos from the ruin of the Ambrevilles, that we may seal them away from the world. Or retrieve some lost relic of Law. Or take up arms against the invader." She sighs. "Or perhaps deal with some more specific trouble. Bandits, or the humanoids that raid our borders with ever greater vigor. Or perhaps that silver tongue of yours can be put to use on a diplomatic mission. Speak with Camellia; I am sure that she can find some appropriate direction for your talents."

1: As per the 1e DMG.


Selphy'd like to price out a silver ended mancatcher to make it possible to remove a wight from physical combat, if possible.

Selphy speaks to Lethour, a reputable master weaponsmith in Glantri City, who informs him that such a mechanism will be expensive if the gripping-spikes are to be properly and durably layered with silver. "It will have to be custom-made," he says. Such a device will cost the elf 300gp and won't be available for two weeks.

Selphy waits with baited breath for the arrival of his younger cousin, Elfolomew, who has expressed interest in joining in the adventuring exploits (I'm unsure how such a retainer scenario works, but I know we could use more hands).

According to a recently delivered letter Elfolomew is taking the scenic route and is not sure how long it'll take to arrive — days? Years? You know how time is for elves… (Helpful, loyal, altruistic relatives are PCs only, I'm afraid. You're welcome to bring Elfolomew into play if another player is interested in running him/her as a PC.)


Martín Le Black is now level 6 and has turned Greek, feel the wrath of the Myrmidion! Martin will spend 61 gp at the local inn for a fine breakfast for himself and his fellows in the company to celebrate his new level.

Martiín has hired on "Long Jean Billion" a local weaponsmith/blacksmith along with 6 mercenary bodyguards at a rate of 250gp/month. Le Black, Audrey and Pigshit Pat will combine funds to get the 1000gp required to outfit the smith with fuel, anvil, steel, tools etc. Billion will set up his shop in the base of Marsile's Tower (an area reserved by the orcs for the company's use). As many of the men were uncomfortable sleeping among the orcs, the generous followers of the Boss offered lodging in Hamish's tower.

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