G100: Carousing and Intersession



Roland has been affected by the recent events in the Company of Crossed Swords. He's a bit older now than when he joined the Company, and older still from when he left his farm with Wolfric Zanzibar more than a year and a half ago. Evangelista's demands and the lives it cost has matured him a bit and reinforced his loyalty to the CoCS. This adventuring game is not all living lustily, spending ill-gotten gold, and seducing wanton wenches. No, there is a darker element to it, and Roland, while still full of mirth and youth, resolves to be wary and more engaged in the goings-on about him. It may yet save his life.

Roland spends time in Glantri City, after following Richard Loubeau there, drinking to forget his troubles and regaling all listeners with tales of the great deeds of Martin Le Noir and urging them to visit the Temple of Trianomma to see Martin lying in state. He reminds them to offer alms for the deceased and to seek absolution from the High Priest so that, gods forbid, when they meet their maker, they make do so with a heart as light as Martin the Black's.

(With any luck, Trianomma's clergy will view these actions favorably when we come groveling to them to have Martin raised)

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