G09: The Marsh Of Death

Real World Info

This session was played on July 16, 2009, featuring Hamish the Dim, Rama-Tut and Ulbrecht the Mad. They were accompanied by the hirelings Bernard, Charles and Dennis. On their second excursion, they were joined by the priest Havelock and his two bodyguards


After wheedling Colin and Pog into bringing a sack of gold back to Malinbois to pay the workers at the shrine of The Boss, Hamish joins Rama-Tut and Ulbrecht the Mad to plan their next move. They decide to go into the swamp to seek the mortal remains of the elf who, according to his cousin Marianne, had never returned from his exploration there. An effort to hire a band of mercenaries under the temperamental Javier fails under the weight of Rama-Tut's lack of diplomacy. Bernard, Charles and Dennis are willing to serve again, though they renegotiate more equitable contracts in the bargain.

The first visit to the swamp turns up a giant lizard with snakes sprouting from its shoulders. Charles perishes, but the lizard dies and our heroes bring its corpse back. They pay the keep's provisioner a hefty sum to have it stuffed and donated to the keep's tavern in hopes of mollifying the taverner, who has taken a dislike to Rama-Tut.

Outside the tavern, Hamish has an unfortunate run-in with Father Michel, the local priest of the Builder. Michel suspects that The Boss is unaffiliated with the powers of Law, and Hamish does nothing to disabuse him of the notion. A jovial priest, Havelock, witnesses the exchange and swaps anecdotes with Hamish, speaking of the glory of his own god, The Hooded One. The party happily invites Havelock and his silent bodyguards to join them on their adventures.

Returning to the swamp later in the afternoon, the party encounters a pair of giant toads. The party makes quick work of them, though Ulbrecht's flaming oil catches one of Havelock's bodyguards as well. Hamish heals the man.

The party makes camp that evening near an oddly regular mound. Ulbrecht, who is keeping watch, is alarmed to spot yellow eyes in the night. Half a dozen lizard-men emerge from the swamp and attack the unarmored party! Ulbrecht deals some damage with burning oil but is incapacitated by their claws. Alarmingly, Dennis drops for no obvious reason. This soon proves to be the work of Havelock, whose Chaos god demands blood and souls! The battle degenerates into a three-way brawl. Hamish and Bernard withdraw from the fray, while Rama-Tut is beset by three lizard-men, Havelock and the dark priest's remaining bodyguard! Rama-Tut cleverly withdraws to Ulbrecht's hillock; the crippled dwarf immolates himself, catching Havelock in the blast. Alas, the priest survives long enough to slay Rama-Tut before he himself perishes at the fangs of the reptiles.

With sling stones and missiles, Hamish and Bernard finish off the last two frenzied lizard-men. Alone and wounded in the swamp, they ferociously loot the bodies of the dead and carry off Rama-Tut's body for burial. Fate is with them; they escape the swamp with no further trials and return safely to the keep.

Losses & Loot
The party defeated a mutant lizard, two giant frogs, half a dozen lizard-men, an evil priest and two bodyguards. The party obtained 1000gp worth of jewelry and coins.

For creatures defeated and treasures earned over the course of the session, Hamish received 717xp, while Bernard received 687xp.

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