G07: Side Trek To Highcliff

Real World Info

This session was played on June 1, 2009, featuring Hamish the Dim and several new adventurers: Ambrose the Bard, Draconis Magnificent, Fungo Barleybottom, Lem and Thuggo.


While Pog and Colin caroused in Malinbois, Hamish took the south road through Touraine to Glantri City, where he sought an architect to design a temple to The Boss. On his way back, he joined up with a handful of adventurers who planned to loot the ruined gatehouse at Highcliff. The expedition proved eventful, though not lucrative. After stumbling into a pit trap and dredging a statue out of a watery sinkhole, the party stumbled on a group of hobgoblins holding two young women prisoner. They made short work of the hobgoblins, only to have a roomful of goblins cut off their exit. Even with the use of burning oil, this fight proved much more difficult. The dwarf Thuggo perished, while Hamish and the halfling Fungo Barleybottom suffered incapacitating wounds. Only the valor of Ambrose, the party leader, saved the day. The group escaped with a goblin cult statuette and the two women. Sadly, the statuette proved worthless, and no one offered any reward for rescuing the women, as one was an impoverished collier's daughter and the other was the village idiot. After recovering from his injuries, Hamish returned to the town of Malinbois, wiser for his adventure but none the richer.

Losses & Loot
The party killed a bunch of hobgoblins and goblins, and gathered a scant handful of copper pieces for their troubles.

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