G05: In With The New

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This session was played on March 21, 2009, featuring Black Water, Brother Reddick, Dwalin, Kwarash, Oswald, Pog, Thurogood and Ulbrecht the Mad.


Gathering a number of new adventurers to their cause, our heroes dare the dungeons of the Ghost Tower once more. They find that wild forest goblins have moved into the old quarters of the Ivernesse goblin servants, and that Kwarash's former bandit comrades are looting the cellars of the tower. Despite initial successes, the adventurers meet stiff resistance from the bandits and are forced to flee.

I: Goblins in the Goblin Room
Returning to the cellars, the party discerns strange new prints in the mud at the foot of the stairs. Woodsmoke wars with the stench of death. After seeing that the formerly barricaded passage to the north and east (the source of the fetor) had been opened, they go west instead, to the old barracks-room of the Ivernesse goblins, only to find that savage forest goblins have moved in!

While the party's fighters engage the goblins left standing from Black Water's sleep spell, Kwarash returns from scouting the ruins of the northeast barricade, where he'd seen the glitter of treasure in the room beyond. The thief climbs above the lintel of the goblin-room, then drops down onto the goblin leader as the goblins follow the party's "tactical retreat" out into the hall. The goblins are butchered, but alas! Kwarash dies of his wounds.

II: When Animals Attack
While the party explores the goblin barracks, unearthing the grand treasure of a small sack of copper pennies, a group of overlarge spiders approaches from down the hall! The party seals the door against them until Dwalin realizes that he's left his lantern in the hall and re-opens the door to retrieve it. The spiders jump him, and he barely survives one's bite as it clings to his shield and gnaws at his wrist.

Closing the door once more, the party tries the exit to the west, only to find it sealed from the far side by stretchy white filaments — the webbing of a true giant spider! Recalling their prior encounter with just such a beast in that area, Black Water and Pog advise withdrawal.

Moving south to the statue room, the party runs into another adventurer, Ulbrecht the Mad, who has just barely avoided notice from the bandits now looting the Ghost Tower itself via the stairway to the south. Accepting the pyromaniac dwarf into their ranks, they try the room's final door, to the west. There, in a fungus-wreathed passage, they fight more giant rats, defeating them with the aid of their new companion's flaming oil.

III: Battling Bandits
Exploring the fungal corridor, the party tries a door to the south, where they find a large room with a partially-triggered cage trap hanging over an underground stream. Pog and Black Water recognize the room, having explored this room before from the far side, where a bandit standing watch spots the party. Keen-eyed Oswald shoots and kills the man, but not before alerting other bandits in the area beyond. Oswald lingers just long enough to take out another bandit while the rest of the party beats feet out of there.

At this point, the party heads south from the statue room for another try at the round room beneath the tower. Unfortunately, the bandits have also headed for that room in hopes of heading north and intercepting the party! The two groups, each seven strong, clash briefly. Dwalin, weakened by poison, is taken down by a bandit, and the rest of the party deems the whole affair too risky and withdraw, dragging the incapacitated Dwalin along with them.

IV: Losses & Loot
The party killed four forest goblins, one goblin leader, one large spider, two ordinary giant rats, one oversized giant rat and two bandits. They also found a bag containing 97 copper pieces.

For creatures defeated and conflicts defused over the course of the session, each surviving PC received 16 xp.

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