05 The Cage Of Serimet

The fifth Trilemma adventure, set in an underground prison.

An order of paladins sought the help of the celestial being Serimet to entrap the archmage Yorta. Serimet could not trap Yorta permanently, but did create an enchantment that draws Yorta back to the prison every dawn. Yorta, in turn, then figured out a way to trap Serimet in the same prison. (The paladins might not know this.) Anyway, Yorta has been a prisoner, or "prisoner," for 20-30 years, but he has access to a dimensional gate that allows him to roam the cosmos until Serimet drags him back. The paladins' order has apparently forgotten about all of this, or otherwise died out: there are no new recruits, and the youngest of the order is now in late middle-age.

Why Go Here?

Players might have several agendas:

  • Help Yorta escape
  • Kill Yorta
  • Consult with Yorta, Serimet, or Vrithni of the order (or some other paladin)
  • Use the magic portal
  • Free Serimet
  • Steal some of the magic stuff hanging around, like Yorta's Mother, dream-dust from the cavern, remnants of extra-dimensional beasts, lunar moths, or something.


Abigan, a paladin who has gone half-crazy and mocks the order's mission
Amelia, a paladin who oversees security
Serimet, a divine being trapped by Yorta
Turnum, a paladin who oversees the rites that keep Yorta trapped; seems to be a bit more magic-or-ritual oriented than Vrithni
Vrithni, an elderly paladin and head of the order
Yorta, a very sneaky archmage
Yorta's Mother, a golem created by Yorta

Open Questions

What's everyone's beef with Yorta?
Why not just kill Yorta?
Why doesn't Yorta just kill Serimet?
Why aren't the paladins getting relief? Did the order die out, and if so, why?

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