03: The Lost Mine Strikes Back

Real World Info

This session was played on May 7, 2008, featuring Elphy, Froderic, Arn and Maduro; Elphy's lady love Weevilla; Froderic's squire William; the acolytes Thorina and Viktra, the apprentice wizard Bodhi, and a young rogue called "Fingers".


The Three and their retainers return to the Lost Mine of the Nichtgetan. After the sweeping success of the second expedition, the Three are feeling a bit cocksure. This doesn't last long, as giant snakes erupt from the darkness to kill Bodhi and Weevilla. Later, Elphy dies fleeing an eruption of ghouls in the Grotto of Doom (notably, the same locale which claimed so many lives before). Maduro attempts to summon his newfound reserves of holy power to turn the undead, but fails horribly and instead incites them into a satanic rage. The demoralized adventurers retreat hastily, only to stumble into an ambush set by Bargle the Warlock. The party routes the attackers and survives, though Froderic falls under Bargle's Charm Person spell.

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