G02: The Goblins Of Ivernesse

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This session was played on June 11, 2008, featuring Black Water, Clamdigger, Immortus and Pog. In the first half of the session, Morten was present as an NPC; in the second half, the party was accompanied by two of Clamdigger's retainers, "Clamato" and "Chowder".


The adventurers win free from the dungeons beneath the Ghost Tower of Inverness, killing many goblin wardens and taking one prisoner. Relying on information extracted from their captive, they return in force to wrest more wealth from the ruins.

I: Old Bones
Before the animated skeleton can step forth from its sarcophagus, Pog charges forward and shoves the sarcophagus lid hard against it, breaking some of its ribs and pinning its leg-bones in place. With their foe thus secured, the band circles around behind the creature and strike at it until it crumbles, its unholy life-force spent. Its blade clatters to the floor. When the group finds little else of value left intact in the sarcophagus, Pog takes up the blade. He feels a thrill of power run up his arm — the blade bears an enchantment!

II: The Goblins of Ivernesse
Unspiking the east door of the tomb and heading back to the entrance, they find the stairs partially blocked by a freshly built barricade of old furniture and tapestries manned by half a dozen goblins in tabards. The goblins call our heroes trespassers and take offense at their despoiling of the Ivernesse family vaults! Quiet, acrimonous debate breaks out among our heroes as to their next course of action.

As Morten and Clamdigger advance on the elderly goblin who is doing the talking — Morten in hopes of finding a compromise, Clamdigger seeking an opportunity to put the knife in — Immortus invokes his sleep spell, rendering most of both groups unconscious! Those still awake enter battle immediately. Morten slumps, gravely wounded by a goblin arrow; Pog and Clamdigger rush past him and, in a quick and brutal fight, finish off the two still-conscious goblins.

As Immortus stirs his slumbering fellows awake, Pog takes this opportunity to start slitting goblin throats. Black Water objects strenuously to this, but is unable to halt the slaughter until he turns to the more pragmatic tack of proposing that a prisoner might yield useful information about the cellars beneath the Ghost Tower. Grumbling, Pog leaves a single young goblin alive — but breaks the creature's wrists so that it cannot wield a weapon against them.

Laden with prisoner and loot, the party departs the Ghost Tower's cellars and heads back toward town.

III: Richard Bluelip
The party makes camp in the woods outside of town in order to torture the young goblin, Richard Bluelip, for information. Disgusted, Morten returns to town on his own. The agonized young goblin refuses to betray his goblin family, even under torture. Black Water, however, slowly wins the goblin's trust, and persuades him to come back with them to the Tower and urge his family to leave without a fight.

Morten does not rejoin the party. Clamdigger, however, recruits two young rogues, Clamato and Chowder, to provide additional support.

IV: The Goblins Expelled
Richard Bluelip is true to his word. When the party returns to the ruins of the Chateau d'Ivernesse, they send the young goblin down to negotiate on their behalf. Immortus claims that, as a noble of Glantri — however desperate and destitute — his family will be willing to employ the Ivernesse goblins. And with the Ivernesse tomb looted, what else have they to guard? Persuaded, a dozen Ivernesse goblins, mostly women and children, file out of their lair, along with half a dozen tough-looking forest goblins they had brought in to defend them against another assault by the party. With deeply mixed emotions, Richard bids our heroes adieu, and he and his family vanish into the woods.

V: South Side Exploration
Returning to the cellars, our heroes decide to turn south from the entryway. This leads them to a despoiled wine cellar, where they dispatch a pair of giant rats. Pressing southward, they pass through three more rooms; the first and third stripped bare, the second a ruined wizard's laboratory whose most noteworthy feature is a group of three unusually lifelike stone statues. Taking the western door from the last of these rooms, they follow a long corridor for a time, only to decide that a return to town is in order. Retrieving a full load of wine casks and laboratory glassware from previous rooms, they head back to sell their loot and resupply.

VI: Losses & Loot
In the first half of the session, the party killed five Ivernesse goblins, took a sixth captive, and destroyed one animated skeleton. They acquired an enchanted sword, a suit of rusty chainmail, and various souvenirs (such as the animated skeleton's skull).

In the second half of the session, the party killed two giant rats and negotiated the departure of a dozen Ivernesse goblins (mostly females and children) and half a dozen forest goblins. They acquired some old glassware from a wizard's laboratory and several bottles and casks of aged wine, with a total value of 240gp.

For creatures defeated over the course of the session, each PC received 30xp, while Chowder and Clamato each received 10xp.

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