02 Steeps of Ur-Menig

The Situation

It is said that the sorcerer Bethelan drew his power from the depths of the earth, and that his chosen place for his meditations is rich with his treasures.


Almost none: Prescott is being pretty lean here. But I think some of this makes sense if you string pieces together. Bethelan has made friends with the carrreg, and has traveled several times to their capital, Sifoon. From here he has acquired magical devices, or learned other secrets of the underworld - including, it seems, the ability to bind demons. This location just happens to be Bethelan's particular departure point. It's not particularly treasure-rich in itself, but considering that it contains a huge swarm of bug-monsters, a deformed wyvern, and a demon of middling ability, someone should profit by arriving here.

At some time, a horribly deformed wyrm arrived - a wyvern, I assume - and settled into the caverns. She has bred with an giant isopod, laying several horrible eggs. Bethelan knew the wyrm had moved in; he put up stakes/a portcullis type of thing to keep it out. (He apparently doesn't have much reason to fear the isopods.)

Open Questions

What happened to Bethelan?

Bethelan's music geode apparently can entrap demons; what else can it do?

Possible Threats

  • Bethelan
  • Deformed Wyvern, wingless and blind, CR 5
  • "Demon"
  • Five carreg
  • Thirteen giant isopods, each about 4' long
  • Various other vermin
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