G01: Into The Crypt Of Ivernesse

Real World Info

This session was played on May 28, 2008, featuring Clamdigger, Immortus, Morten and Pog. (It was later determined that Black Water was retroactively present, hiding in the back of the party.)


Four adventurers meet in the town of Malinbois, where they join forces to investigate the ruins of Chateau d'Ivernesse.

I: Rendezvous
Immortus, Morten and Pog travel upriver in the night, reaching the ruins just before dawn. As the sun rises, they see the Ghost Tower appear on the crag above the ruins, then vanish in the morning light. Clamdigger arrives moments later, delayed by a failed attempt to steal chickens from a local farm; the others rib him mercilessly.

The adventurers avoid the sunken graveyard, warned by Morten that it stinks of Chaos, and explore the ruins of the manor instead. Spotting a stairway amidst the rubble, they light a torch and descend into darkness.

II: North Side Exploration
The adventurers spot what appear to be goblin tracks in the mud at the foot of the stairs. Seeing few such tracks to the north, they head that way, despite the stink of old death emanating from that direction. Bypassing two firmly barricaded doors, they break open a locked portal to a partially collapsed tomb lined with sarcophagi.

After plugging up a giant rat-hole, Pog and Clamdigger open a sarcophagus, only to be rendered unconscious by a foul miasma arising from within. While they're recovering, Morten spots a goblin down the hall they entered from; he spikes the door shut to avoid trouble. Once everyone's back up, Immortus argues for opening the other sarcophagi, but the others prefer to open the far door and press deeper into the catacombs.

The far door leads to two collapsed passageways and a spiderweb-strewn chamber. Warned by Morten, Clamdigger only barely evades death at the jaws of an enormous spider! The party battles the thing, but seeing their attacks have little effect, they choose discretion and flee back to the tomb.

III: Looting the Tomb
Returning to the tomb, the adventurers pry open the remaining sarcophagi. Two hold corpses decked out in fine jewels that are quickly pocketed. A robed corpse in the third sarcophagus has a jeweled dagger at its waist; when Pog takes it, it animates and attacks! Knocking it out of the air and tossing it in a sack proves to be a temporary solution; when it re-animates and draws blood, Pog chooses to leave well enough alone and leave it with its owner.

Unsurprisingly, the last sarcophagus also contains a skeletal corpse. But this one, bearing a naked blade, rises from its resting place to confront the tomb's despoilers…

IV: Losses & Loot
No PCs were killed and no monsters were defeated (unless you count the animated dagger). The party acquired a handful of jewelry that would later be valued at 1200 gold pieces.

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