01 Stellarium of the Vinteralf

The Situation

The dragon-blasted stellarium inches toward destruction between two mountains. Treasure and eldritch lore will certainly be found within, but you are not the only ones who have come to claim its secrets.


As the first of Prescott's adventures, this is pretty bare bones. The vinteralf } vinteralfen had an orrery here, a "stellarium." For a trained astrologer, the orrery could answer all kinds of astrological questions with a frightening degree of accuracy. The vinteralfen could, if this place were repaired, predict the future, to a pretty respectable extent.

Some time ago, the ice dragon Jokun smashed into the place, and set up a lair.

Fairly recently, Prince Thavir of the Vinteralfen set out to recover the Stellarium, but repeatedly ran afoul of the dragon. Finally outmatched and with no clear way to escape, they found a spot to go into hibernation, hoping that in due course they'll escape the dragon's notice and can retreat - or die in a last, desperate attempt.

Open Questions

How come the vinteralf astrologers couldn't predict the dragon's arrival?

Why would the heroes come to this place? //Well, most obviously, to escort someone to conduct astrology. But it may mean retrieving star-maps, or lenses, or tomes, or what-have-you. If they are allied with the vinteralfen, they might have been sent to rescue Thavir.

What exactly happened to Thavir's expedition? They tried to dig a tunnel; the dragon spotted them and collapsed it, killing several. They eventually managed a second tunnel and got into the complex from below. At this point, the story gets kinda hazy. Apparently there was a pretty significant battle, because Thavir loses his starsword Grugnir along with the goggles which will prevent star-blindness.


  • Jokun the white dragon, default CR 6 but may have been permanently blinded.
  • Thavir
  • Thavir's seven vinteralf warriors
  • Ice golems
  • Blue mold
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